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29th March - join the live stream!

Luxid: In Person

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Marketing is evolving fast. Let’s evolve with it.

Luxid: In Person is a chance for C-level marketing, IT, and data executives to get the latest insights on what the world of marketing looks like.    

Dive into the data-driven, AI-fueled, creative and pragmatic future of marketing together with fellow marketers, industry professionals, and our Luxidian talents.

Join the live stream on 29th March. 


Luxid: in person

Why attend?


Best practices

Join industry leaders as we delve into the truths behind marketing-fuelled business growth, illustrated by real case studies. 


Marketing 2.0

AI isn’t coming – it's already here. Discover how it’s being leveraged in today's marketing and what the future could hold. 


Real insights

Honest advice from top international speakers. Learn how to accelerate growth in the ever-changing world of marketing. 

Green Ballons
Join the (r)evolution of marketing

Event program

Keynote: Five methods for international B2B marketing to accelerate growth 

Jussi Wacklin, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, T-Systems International 

What does the consumerization of the B2B buyer mean for the marketer?  

Samuel van Deth, EMEA Strategy Marketing Director, Oracle   

Case study: Accelerating business growth by transforming marketing at Outokumpu

Markku Havukainen, Head of Marketing, Outokumpu 

Vantage point for American B2B marketing 

Ed Davis, CSO, BBN and Nikos Lemanis, Principal Consultant, Luxid Group USA  

Engaging hard-to-reach audiences

Cases Starburst & Dell / Jonathan Bradley, Creative Partner, Luxid Group UK  


Refreshingly honest advice from top minds in the field 

Join industry leaders as we delve into the truths behind marketing-fuelled business growth. 

Live stream from Helsinki 29th March 1-4 PM EEST. 

Jussi Wacklin
CMO and Senior Vice President, T-Systems

Jussi Wacklin is a marketing and sales professional with extensive experience in commercial leadership roles at major global brands, including Nokia, EMC, and Amadeus. He is the founder of OBE, a successful marketing consultancy. 

Ed Davis
Director, International Client Relationships, BBN

Ed Davis is a multi-faceted B2B communications executive with a proven track record in leading international organizations focused on brand, marketing, and sales campaigns to drive revenue growth and market share. 

Markku Havukainen
Head of Marketing, Outokumpu

Meet Markku Havukainen, a seasoned B2B marketing professional with over two decades of experience in developing marketing for global industrial brands. He is endlessly curious about the new possibilities and drives the digital marketing transformation forward with both the customer experience and business growth in mind.

Samuel Van Deth
EMEA Strategy Marketing Director, Oracle

Samuel Van Deth is an experienced Web & Data Business Development professional, applying new technology and data in marketing at scale. As the Marketing Strategy Director at Oracle EMEA, Samuel's expertise includes AI/ML, blockchain, decentralized marketing, Web 3.0, and NFTs. 

Jonathan Bradley
Creative Partner, Luxid Group

In an award-winning career spanning 25 years, Jonathan has helped dozens of B2B and B2C brands use creativity to achieve measurably better returns on their marketing investment. A copywriter by training, he believes that in today’s world of perpetually divided attention, simplicity and clarity deliver huge competitive advantage.  

Nikos Lemanis
Principal Consultant, Luxid Group

Nikos Lemanis is a senior marketing professional with over 17 years of experience in cross-industry marketing consultancy, cross-channel digital marketing, and content creation. Nikos specializes in leading cross-discipline teams to grow enterprise accounts and developing innovative campaigns that produce tangible results.

Sanna Halttunen-Välimaa
Head of Customer Success, Luxid Group

Event host Sanna Halttunen-Välimaa is an experienced leader with a strong background in digital marketing, sales, and strategic planning. She has helped numerous companies grow their businesses across various industries. Sanna is known for her inspirational leadership and her ability to drive results.

Matti Aalto-Setälä
VP, Business Development, Luxid Group

Event host Matti Aalto-Setälä is an award-winning expert in data-driven marketing, machine learning, and marketing automation. He has a passion for innovation, having created a new product category for diabetes care and helped develop the DNA of design for Suunto. 

Welcome to Luxid: In Person!

Tune in for the live stream on Wednesday 29th March. 

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