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Dive into the data-driven, AI-fueled, creative and pragmatic future of marketing together with fellow marketers, industry professionals, and our Luxidian talents. In 2023 the theme was “MarTech today and tomorrow”.

13:10 - 13:35

Ego trips and customer journeys: Stories that put customers in the driver's seat

Matt McClung

Creative Strategy Director, Luxid Group

13:40 - 14:05

Leading the multi-platform international customer experience management

Hanna Selmgren, Head of Digital Development, HMD Global
Scott Sphar, Chief Strategy Officer, Luxid Group

14:10 - 14:35

S-kaupat data-driven marketing programs: triggered and automated 1:1 marketing along the S-kaupat customer journey to drive customer engagement and loyalty

Johanna Koskela

Marketing Lead, S-kaupat, Food eCommerce

15:00 - 15:30

Panel discussion: Navigating the future of customer experience in the evolving landscape of marketing technologies

Noora Kulmala, Director of Marketing Operations, Kalmar
Anna Dodds, Head of Customer and Employee journey, SSAB
Timo Arvonen, Development Manager, Partners, Veikkaus Oy
Clément Jacquemin, CX Solution Engineering Manager EMEA, North region, Oracle
Panel host: Marjut Herranen, Customer Lead, Luxid Group

15:35 - 15:55

Luxid research: Key takeaways from 300.000 hours of work on marketing transformations

Henrik Lagercrantz

Head of Sales and Marketing Technologies, Luxid Group

Luxid: In Person 2023
About the speakers
Jonathan Bradley - 0G7A6929
Jonathan Bradley
Head of Creative, Luxid Group UK  & US

In an award-winning career spanning 25 years, Jonathan has helped dozens of B2B and B2C brands use creativity to achieve measurably better returns on their marketing investment. A copywriter by training, he believes that in today’s world of perpetually divided attention, simplicity and clarity deliver huge competitive advantage.

Ed Davis
Ed Davis

Ed Davis is a multi-faceted B2B communications executive with a proven track record in leading international organizations focused on brand, marketing, and sales campaigns to drive revenue growth and market share. 

Nikos Lemanis - 0G7A6593-Edit
Nikos Lemanis
Strategy Director, Luxid Group US

Nikos Lemanis is a senior marketing professional with over 17 years of experience in cross-industry marketing consultancy, cross-channel digital marketing, and content creation. Nikos specializes in leading cross-discipline teams to grow enterprise accounts and developing innovative campaigns that produce tangible results.

Markku Havukainen new
Markku Havukainen
Head of Marketing, Outokumpu
Markku is a seasoned B2B marketer with over two decades of experience in marketing for global industrial brands. As the Head of Marketing for Europe’s largest stainless-steel producer, he knows a thing or two about accelerating business growth. 
Samuel van Deth
Samuel van Deth
EMEA Strategy Marketing Director, Oracle

An experienced Web & Data Business Development pro, Samuel knows how to apply new technology and data-driven insights to marketing at scale.

Jussi Wacklin
Jussi Wacklin
Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice President, T-Systems International

Jussi’s track record includes leadership roles at major global brands, including Nokia, EMC, and Amadeus.