The Voice of the Customer

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Learn more about marketing technology and delve into thought-provoking conversations with our experts in this exclusive event. In 2024 the theme was “The voice of the customer”.

13:10 - 13:35

Ego trips and customer journeys: Stories that put customers in the driver's seat

Matt McClung

Creative Strategy Director, Luxid Group

13:40 - 14:05

Leading the multi-platform international customer experience management

Hanna Selmgren, Head of Digital Development, HMD Global
Scott Sphar, Chief Strategy Officer, Luxid Group

14:10 - 14:35

S-kaupat data-driven marketing programs: triggered and automated 1:1 marketing along the S-kaupat customer journey to drive customer engagement and loyalty

Johanna Koskela

Marketing Lead, S-kaupat, Food eCommerce

15:00 - 15:30

Panel discussion: Navigating the future of customer experience in the evolving landscape of marketing technologies

Noora Kulmala, Director of Marketing Operations, Kalmar
Anna Dodds, Head of Customer and Employee journey, SSAB
Timo Arvonen, Development Manager, Partners, Veikkaus Oy
Clément Jacquemin, CX Solution Engineering Manager EMEA, North region, Oracle
Panel host: Marjut Herranen, Customer Lead, Luxid Group

15:35 - 15:55

Luxid research: Key takeaways from 300.000 hours of work on marketing transformations

Henrik Lagercrantz

Head of Sales and Marketing Technologies, Luxid Group

Luxid: In Person 2024
About the speakers
Hanna Selmgren HMD blackandwhite
Hanna Selmgren
Head of Digital Development, HMD Global

With a decade-long mastery in crafting digital experiences and driving e-commerce success, Hanna offers rich insights from global brand collaborations. From expansive e-commerce launches to impactful rebranding initiatives, Hanna thrives in agile environments. Her leadership spans internal teams and external contractors, blending agency and client perspectives seamlessly. 

Johanna Koskela S Group blackandwhite
Johanna Koskela
Marketing Lead, S-kaupat, Food eCommerce

A marketing leader with a robust background in growth marketing, digital marketing strategy & operations, and marketing automation. Currently leading marketing for S-kaupat grocery ecom. A seasoned professional with a track record of success in data-driven marketing agencies, specializing in personalized 1:1 marketing for both B2B and B2C sectors. 

Noora Kulmala Kalmar blackandwhite
Noora Kulmala,
Director of Marketing Operations, Kalmar

Noora Kulmala is a data-driven B2B marketeer with almost two decades of experience in different marketing roles and developing marketing capabilities for the large industrial brands. As the current Director of Marketing Operations at Kalmar, Noora's enthusiasm lies in leveraging data and technology to drive marketing efficiency and effectiveness that exemplifies her forward-thinking approach to the evolving landscape of B2B marketing operations. 

Anna Dodds SSAB blackandwhite
Anna Dodds
Head of Customer and Employee journey, SSAB
Team lead for SSAB's digital marketing and communications team. Responsible for driving seamless - and superior - customer and employee experience throughout the journey in digital marketing and communications channels.
Veikkaus - black and white
Timo Arvonen
Development Manager, Partners, Veikkaus Oy

With over 25 years of extensive experience in customer relationship management, digital business, and enhancing customer value, Timo has honed his expertise in communication, sales, and marketing. Timo's current role encompasses a range of responsibilities aimed at driving business growth and success. This includes spearheading projects related to marketing and sales, ensuring the optimal utilisation of marketing tools and systems, and overseeing contract management. Additionally, he actively collaborates with key partners to facilitate partnership activities, further amplifying our reach and impact in the market.

Clement Jacquemin Oracle
Clément Jacquemin
CX Solution Engineering Manager EMEA, North region, Oracle

Clement is a seasoned CX professional with over 15 years of experience assisting businesses across Europe and various industries in delivering personalised and seamless customer experiences. Eight of these years were spent at Oracle, where he focused on marketing automation, customer data platforms, and digital personalisation, currently leading a team of solution engineers for the EMEA North region.

In his spare time, Clement enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, playing tennis, skiing, swimming, reading political novels, and supporting Arsenal Football Club. Some describe him as the most British Frenchman they've ever met.

Matt McClung black and white
Matt McClung
Creative Strategy Director, Luxid Group

As a creative strategist and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Matt uncovers human, emotional truths to drive compelling brand and customer stories. With a diverse background spanning technology, fintech, healthcare, automotive, and more, he’s passionate about researching what resonates with audiences to deliver memorable, impactful storytelling. An experienced team lead, Matt has successfully developed and steered customer story programs for top global companies. 

Scott Sphar
Chief Strategy Officer, Luxid Group

Scott is a seasoned digital strategist with over 12 years of experience in navigating global brands through the complexities of digital marketing, media, and technology. He has demonstrated leadership in both agency settings and corporate environments, where he has been pivotal in crafting innovative digital solutions, bolstering digital marketing initiatives, and leading significant digital transformation efforts. As a respected executive and consultant, Scott excels at the crossroads of digital marketing, speech technology, and digital media, bringing a visionary approach to driving digital innovation and business growth.

Marjut Herranen
Customer Lead, Luxid Group

Marjut is a award winning marketing expert and a top project management expert with a rare multi-dimensional experience in the B2B world. Her long career in marketing is reflected in both determined confidence and forward-looking courage. She is known for her top-notch skills especially in the areas of marketing automation, customer experience and event marketing. Marjut also masters the design of large, multi-channel marketing entities.

Henrik Lagercrantz
Head of Sales and Marketing Technologies, Luxid Group

Henrik has over 15 years of experience in different sales and marketing technologies, the last 7 in strategy and customer development. He founded the Luxid machine learning and predictive marketing team, consulting our clients on how to better collect the right kind of data, and plan their machine learning algorithms to sync with operational actions to guarantee their business advantages.

Saara-Parikka-lowres (3)
Saara Parikka
Customer Lead, Luxid Group

Event host Saara is an engaging business development strategist dedicated to making each day meaningful. With a passion for understanding and anticipating customer needs, she leverages strategic insights and cutting-edge marketing techniques to create personalised interactions that drive satisfaction and loyalty. A true strategist, Saara is committed to enhancing the customer experience through innovative, customer-centric initiatives, all with a sprinkle of humour and flair.

Matti-Aalto-Setala-lowres (2)
Matti Aalto-Setälä
VP, Partner, Business Development, Luxid Group

Event host Matti is an award-winning expert in data-driven marketing, machine learning, and marketing automation. He has a passion for innovation, having created a new product category for diabetes care and helped develop the DNA of design for Suunto.