View Outokumpu & Luxid presentation at Martechopia 2024

From legacy to legend: Transforming B2B marketing with an award-winning martech stack


Markku Havukainen, Head of Marketing, Outokumpu and Henrik Lagercrantz, Head of Digital Sales & Marketing Technologies, Luxid Group


From legacy to legend: Transforming B2B marketing with an award-winning martech stack This presentation was delivered at the Martechopia 2024 conference held in London this March.

This presentation will explore a case study of how the global leader in sustainable stainless steel, Outokumpu, transformed its traditional marketing function and built a modern martech stack with a global lead generation and lead management process that won the global Oracle Markies award in 2022.


Markku Havukainen from Outokumpu is joined by Henrik Lagercantz from Luxid Group, sharing their key experiences from this transformation journey. A journey that transformed an organization that produced zero leads into an operation that is capable of quantifying its business impact and exceeds business targets. Pitfalls, roadmaps, fails & wins, tool definitions and stack architecture.


In this video you will discover:

  • The successful roadmap from zero to hero for an award winning martech stack build.
  • Requirements for the team & organisation when implementing large changes.
  • Practical tips on how to get closer to the Sales organisation when doing marketing transformation.
  • Business benefits that the martech transformation brought.
  • Differences between organisations that succeed and the ones that fall short of their goals in marketing transformation initiatives.

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Video length: 27:53