BBN webinar Data in marketing and sales
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BBN Webinar: Applying data in marketing and sales. Data driven culture as an enabler. 


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You will hear how marketing measurement and data can support the alliance between sales and marketing and thus also get more business results. What does this require and which things can slow you down.

We will go through the following themes:

  • Why utilizing data is essential in sales and marketing
  • What are the ways of utilizing data and what things should you consider to be successful in data usage
  • How can you determine what level your organization is currently in data maturity & how to set KPIs
  • How can you support the creation of a data-driven culture
  • Case examples from different industries (B2B and B2C)

13:10 - 13:35

Ego trips and customer journeys: Stories that put customers in the driver's seat

Matt McClung

Creative Strategy Director, Luxid Group

13:40 - 14:05

Leading the multi-platform international customer experience management

Hanna Selmgren, Head of Digital Development, HMD Global
Scott Sphar, Chief Strategy Officer, Luxid Group

14:10 - 14:35

S-kaupat data-driven marketing programs: triggered and automated 1:1 marketing along the S-kaupat customer journey to drive customer engagement and loyalty

Johanna Koskela

Marketing Lead, S-kaupat, Food eCommerce

15:00 - 15:30

Panel discussion: Navigating the future of customer experience in the evolving landscape of marketing technologies

Noora Kulmala, Director of Marketing Operations, Kalmar
Anna Dodds, Head of Customer and Employee journey, SSAB
Timo Arvonen, Development Manager, Partners, Veikkaus Oy
Clément Jacquemin, CX Solution Engineering Manager EMEA, North region, Oracle
Panel host: Marjut Herranen, Customer Lead, Luxid Group

15:35 - 15:55

Luxid research: Key takeaways from 300.000 hours of work on marketing transformations

Henrik Lagercrantz

Head of Sales and Marketing Technologies, Luxid Group

BBN Webinar
About the speakers
Sanna Halttunen-Välimaa
Head of Customer Success & Growth

Sanna has over 20 years of experience in organizational development, 15+ years of experience in customer success management and 10+ years of experience in marketing and sales development.

Sanna's favourite theme is how to combine sales and marketing and she has helped dozens of companies to grow their business by developing their sales and marketing processes and operations for example in these industries: construction, technology industry, ICT, retail, FMCG, media, eCommerce, recruiting, public sector and educational sector.

Luxid On Air speakers (10 × 15 cm)
Robert Nygård
Head of Data & Analytics, Principal Data Consultant at Luxid

Robert is the visionary leader at Luxid's Data & Analytics Unit, revolutionising the way consultants work while driving financial success. With strategic planning and a passion for data-driven innovation, he propels Luxid's data and analytics services to new heights in the ever-evolving market.