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From automating marketing operations to building high performance sales funnels, we help you deploy the latest technologies to maximise leads and sales.

We simplify ROI

Build your digital sales funnels and increase online sales

Marketing technology options have grown exponentially in the last decade. At the same time, there's a multitude of distribution channels for your content. With around 1000 suppliers and dozens of digital channels to advertise in, it's challenging to identify the right MarTech stack for your business, control costs, and get the most from your investment. 

Find the right solution faster

At Luxid, we've resolved this challenge for dozens of clients. So instead of trial and error, we offer proven best practices to orchestrate your MarTech stack, Google Ads and Paid Social efforts, UX, and Analytics to deliver better online sales. 

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The best technologies for your business

Build your MarTech to support digital sales growth

Is your marketing technology stack optimally connected to deliver your business process requirements? Do you need help choosing the right tools, setting up the new technology, or a skilled professional to perform modern marketing operations and automations? Do your platforms and tools automatically produce data for predictive analytics and reporting? 


Know if your marketing technology stack is optimally connected, according to your business process requirements. 


Start by auditing your martech and sales tools to make sure the engagement channels, platforms and data sources are connected. Analyse existing sales and marketing processes to ensuring they produce and use relevant data.


Next, fix potential platform gaps, ensure smooth migrations and controlled sunsetting of the old platform. Establish continuous process and automation development capabilities.


Build automated lead management and routing processes to ensure GDPR compliance. And finally execute always-on, triggered multi-channel marketing programs based on buyer journeys and customer life cycles to drive your digital sales.

Maximise impact. Minimise investment

Reach the right audiences through Paid Social and Google Ads

Do your marketing campaigns provide a steady stream of meaningful results? Are you able to design and prioritise your marketing around what has the biggest impact for your business?


Highly-tuned sales engines

Our experts can help optimise your PPC activity to maximise return on investment. From identifying the right social channels to reach your target audiences to building tailored strategies and tactics to grow sales growth and conversions, we help turn Google Ads and Paid Social into highly-tuned sales engines.  

How we work

Channel and audience analysis

We start with the holistic analysis of your digital landscape including social accounts, audiences, markets and competitors.  

Account audit

Full audit of Google and paid social ad accounts, campaign structure and targeting.  

Optimisation Strategy

Optimised plan based on your digital sales and business growth objectives. 

Campaign build and asset creation

Entire campaign set-up, from messaging and creative to optimising shopping feeds and building reporting architecture. 

Campaign management, optimisation and testing

Iterative optimisation based on campaign performance data, plus experimentation to maximise profitable, sustainable digital sales growth.


Once mature operating model established, extend campaign to new audiences, markets, channel. 

Insight-LED Opportunities

Grow sales through advanced analytics 

How much do you really know about how your marketing is performing? After sales, the most important thing your platform can deliver is high quality customer data.

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Turn data into opportunities

Our data scientists and analysts turn data into actionable insight, enabling you to: 

  • Understand customer churn and prevent it from happening
  • Match your products and services with leads and customers to increase sales through better targeting and personalized experiences
  • Identify highest value opportunities to prioritize your activities around them and increase sales
  • Know which leads have the best conversion probability so you can prioritize sales team time and marketing investments
  • Calculate your marketing’s precise impact on the bottom line
Digital Sales solutions

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