Posted on: 12 10 2021

Establishing Revenue Driven Marketing Function

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Smart Commerce 2021 event brought retail and e-commerce players together at the end of January to discuss common challenges, possibilities and opportunities that can be explored to accelerate their digital change and move from traditional e-commerce models to customer-centric, data-centric, brand-centric, and experience-driven models.

Among the speakers were our very own Technical Excellence Henrik Lagercrantz who held very insightful presentation with Johanna Koskela, Marketing Automation and Growth Marketing Lead, SOK.

The power duo shared their experiences and knowledge from the frontlines: How data is transformed into insight and the structure that allows impacting revenue directly through an agile marketing function.

Watch the Establishing a revenue driven marketing function presentation recording below.


Johanna Koskela, SOK & Henrik Lagercrantz ID BBN | Smart Commerce 2021 from Business Insight Group on Vimeo.


Key takeaways

1. Team structure & Dynamics

Revenue driven marketing requires cross disciplinary teams centered around the shared goal of achieving business results by planning, winning and failing together through trials of multiple different tactics.

2. End-to-end access to data

Data needs to be accessed and analyzed in all phases of the digital marketing process – by digital marketing teams to be fully utilized to enable revenue growth and agile approach.

3. It needs to be a continuous process 

No matter how sophisticated and robust data and world-class competencies the organization has if there are no standardized and structured processes, tools & templates and a systematic way of driving growth.


Johanna Koskela

Marketing Automation and Growth Marketing Lead | SOK

Johanna has a decade of accumulated insights on both operational practices and organizational structures of the marketing function from a large array of Finnish and international companies.

A strong background in technology driven marketing operations management in the leading martech agencies. Johanna is currently focused on the marketing function transformation of many of the most esteemed brands in Finland. She is crafting truly data driven and growth oriented cross-functional teams and fully new operational cultures.


Henrik Lagercrantz

VP, Technical Excellence | Luxid

Henrik is a technical visionary with prowess in leading international martech projects.

He is the head of Luxid’s machine learning and predictive marketing team, consulting clients on how to better collect the right kind of data and how to plan their machine learning algorithms to sync with operational actions to guarantee a business advantage.

Henrik has consulting and strategic planning abilities that are truly based on best practices in modern marketing.


Get to know the event:


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