Posted on: 11 12 2023

Luxid’s Marjut Herranen to star in Diili on Channel 4

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Marjut Herranen is about to become a big household name in Finland!

Luxid’s Customer’s Lead is competing in leading TV show Diili, which airs on Channel 4 (Nelonen) and Ruutu from 15th January. Filmed at Korjaamo in Helsinki, the series will see Marjut and 15 other contestants battling it out for a coveted Director role at the leading arts and culture centre.

We think the Marjut is going to ace the competition! Maybe we’re a little biased, but we know just how good Marjut really is.

In her role at Luxid, Marjut looks after several key clients, working with their teams to plan their marketing activities. It means that the buck stops with her to ensure that everything runs to plan!

“What I really love about my job at Luxid is that every day is different and so are all the clients,” says Marjut. “I learn something new every day and I get to meet and work with so many different people.”

Marjut is currently looking after projects for five different clients. She’s bringing together lots of specialists at Luxid – tech gurus, digital experts, leading creatives – to deliver the best work for the clients. And not only that, but she’s planning everything for next year.

Being a Customer Lead requires some special skills. You have to be super organised. A real people person. You have to think quickly and inspire others to help you get things done. Sounds like everything you would need to compete on Diili!

“One of my greatest joys at Luxid, is inspiring those around me with positivity and energy,” says Marjut. “By spreading optimism and enthusiasm, I’m looking to create a ripple effect so that everyone can bring their best selves to the table.”

Marjut most aligns herself with Luxid’s values of being ‘driven and resourceful’. She describes herself as being highly motivated, proactive, and always seeking creative ways to overcome challenges and achieve results. Yep, we’re back to Diili again!

And when asked about her proudest achievement, Marjut struggles a little to decide which client triumph to choose. “One of my proudest accomplishments was winning the Oracle Markie Award in the Cloud World Event in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2022,” says Marjut “We won with our client Outokumpu - The Originator Award for Best Lead Management at the 16th Annual Oracle Markie Awards.”

Well, winning competitions is clearly in Marjut’s DNA!

To watch Marjut compete in Diili, tune into Nelonen on 15th January. And if you think you might have what it takes to be a customer lead at Luxid, then everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here

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