Posted on: 26 05 2023

Automate your marketing reporting for growth

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Robert Nygård
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Unlocking the potential of data for marketing success is one of the biggest opportunities facing businesses today. And yet, many companies are still struggling to overcome key data-related challenges, including data being scattered in multiple silos, regular reporting done by hand, uncertainty about marketing’s impact on sales and difficulties distilling actionable insights from marketing measures & KPI’s? 

Faced with these challenges and constantly being told they’re missing big opportunities by not innovating with data in their marketing, many companies are struggling to know where to start. Today, there are thousands of vendors offering different types of solutions for marketing and it can be an overwhelming choice. 

There are conflicting arguments on what to choose, and also the fear of getting locked into an inappropriate, expensive or inflexible choice. In the short term, it can seem like no decision is better than the wrong decision. Luxid has helped dozens of businesses in this situation and can present simple choices based on a thorough understanding of your business & future goals.  

One of Luxid’s key differentiators in the market, is that it was an early adopter of advanced MarTech, notably marketing automation. This means that our Data & Analytics unit has evolved into a group of marketing data professionals with expertise in both data and marketing. This breadth of experience makes Luxid experts in making your data work for you.  

Luxid has developed a tried-and-tested three-step process to ensure that you get the best possible automated reporting solution for your marketing and data needs.  

Step 1 –

We begin by conducting a KPI workshop to align your marketing goals with your company’s overall strategy. This helps us to choose the right measures to serve as your key performance indicators. To encourage participation and to ensure buy-in from the team, we use modern interactive tools in our process. The output serves as the foundation for your company’s analytics & reporting requirements. 

Step 2 – Data 

Next, we ‘bring your data home’. We build a marketing data warehouse in a modern cloud platform, using modern data integration tools to bring your data there. This effectively centralizes your data in a low-risk, low-cost environment. And if you need custom integration, this can also easily be built for you. 

Step 3 – Dashboard 

Finally, we automate and simplify your reporting by creating state-of-the-art marketing KPI dashboards using a modern BI tool, such as Power BI, Tableau or Looker Studio. In addition to this, we set triggers that alert you at key thresholds, so you are immediately directed to measures that need your attention, such as bounce rates, CPC, or page authority. 


Through this simple three-step process you’ve now reached a milestone of utilizing your marketing data. Your reporting is now fully automated, and you have access to operations, tactics, and strategic-level information - actionable insight on all tiers, whenever you need it. 

If you are struggling with data challenges and want to understand how automation can transform your marketing reporting, then get in contact and talk to one of our experts. 

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