Posted on: 08 04 2019

Build human connections with the power of storytelling

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Henna Patel
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“Storytelling” is a huge buzzword in the world of marketing, and can be a powerful tool to promote your product, service or brand. Through effective storytelling, you can build a connection with your prospects and cultivate a loyal customer base. Not only can storytelling enhance individual promotional campaigns and strategies, it can also become the foundation of your company’s brand voice.


"Think of Harley-Davidson and what do you see? What about Apple? Or GE? The best brands tell stories that resonate with and help define their customers’ aspirations. That’s as true for B2B as it is for consumer marketing. And the more you tell stories that chime with your prospects’ desires, the more powerful your brand will be."

Jonathan Bradley, Content Strategist at Luxid Group  

Authentic brand voice 

By telling stories through well-managed, engaging and inspiring content, you can craft and maintain a unique brand voice. It is important then, to clearly define your brand tone of voice and messaging strategies. An authentic brand voice will be one that is rigidly upheld across all customer-facing interactions, and one that you and your employees believe in.  

Become a leader 

Thought-provoking and immersive storytelling will help viewers/listeners/readers connect with your brand and the narrative your company promotes. Some companies choose in-depth stories, and others keep theirs brief, comedic, or intriguing. Regardless of the style you choose, your company will act as the story’s protagonist. If done well, your brand will emerge as an identifiable, distinct figure in the markets in which you operate.

Loyal customers 

With an authentic brand voice that’s easy to spot and become emotionally invested in, gaining loyal customers should be the next step on the storytelling journey. Over time, these potential or existing customers will have the opportunity to learn more about a company’s core brand values and offering, and become increasingly likely to express their interest monetarily. To put it simply, telling a compelling brand story is a must for any successful company looking to engage new customers, expand market presence and encourage repeat custom. 

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