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F-Secure Case study

From company information database to effective lead scoring and automation system 

For lead scoring, hard data is needed.


Challenge accepted

F-Secure needed a generic lead nurturing funnel with three distinct phases activated according to lead score. Accurate reporting capabilities were also required. 

However, it’s not very easy or reliable to enquire a company’s turnover, industry or number of employees on a lead form, especially in the early stages of the buyer’s journey.


The solution

Together with external company data service provider, we developed a new service.

When a contact is writing the name of his company on a form, at the fifth character the form retrieves a list of companies from the official company listing, from which the contact chooses the correct company.

Hidden fields in the form are automatically filled with company information. The service works in 14 countries.

To activate nurturing phases automatically, lead scoring models were built in marketing automation system.

Reporting was handled by saving lead information on Custom Data Objects.

A weekly calling list was built where highly scored leads are entered automatically. The list contains lead-specific links to a form filled with information to support telemarketing, including test results, latest downloads etc.

f-secure lead nurturing laptop

Measurable outcomes

60 percent of form fills now contain enriched data that will be used for creating models for lead scoring. Prospects’ company financial data is automatically updated.

The project resulted in 3,000 leads in the nurturing funnel, 223 ready to be contacted by telemarketing.


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