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Automated Telemarketing Process


Challenge accepted

Visma Software is part of the Visma Group of Companies, which has 900,000 customers spanning 12 countries and services in five distinct business areas: SMB, Enterprise, Retail, Government and IT & Hosting.

Visma Software has a broad selection of products including ERPs, both on-premise and SAAS; financial and real estate management software; and a long list of related products that add value for the customer.

Part of the company’s sales strategy involves targeted telemarketing. But the telemarketing lead generation process was time-intensive: Visma sales staff had to manually purge lists of current customers, leads-in-progress and companies that didn’t fit target criteria. This wasted time that would have been better spent selling, and created slowdowns for outsourced telemarketing partners.

An additional challenge was that the majority of the keyword advertising terms are also used in the consumer market. Targeting keyword ads is difficult when using general terms.



We created an automated telemarketing process that consolidated all data, automated prospect management processes and clarified them for all parties involved.

The automated process clicks into action whenever a prospect list is uploaded to Eloqua Oracle. It removes current customers, sales-in-progress, companies in the Visma Suunta inbound marketing program and poor targets.

The deliverable is a personalised, dynamic form that telemarketers access for each prospect via a unique hyperlink. Forms are customised according to buyer persona and contain questions divided into three buckets, each accessed at a different part of the sales cycle.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are added to the program’s waitlist, which is ‘washed’ once a month. The clean list is refreshed with contacts who should be called.


Measurable outcomes

Thanks to the dynamic form that stores prospects’ feedback, telemarketers can pick up the conversation where it left off on the last call and ask the right questions at the right moment.

This ensures a better brand experience for the prospect, which reflects well on Visma. It also saves time for both prospect and telemarketer. Best of all, the automated telemarketing process is 90% more efficient than the manual one.

The new system gives the Visma marketing team rich prospect data that they can then interpret, feeding MQLs to the sales team when they are appropriately ‘warm’.

In 2018 Visma Software had 5,400 telemarketing conversations with prospects, of which nine per cent converted to leads. The continuous, automated telemarketing process for outbound contacts that we created collects market and prospect insights that the marketing team can use to sharpen marketing content and processes, all while generating better quality leads. It’s a totally new way to utilise Oracle Eloqua that pushes the boundaries of marketing automation.


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