Posted on: 22 11 2022

Creative concepts with the strength to last - Outokumpu Big Long Idea explained

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Great brands maintain a clear, consistent promise across every customer touch point. But how do you engage your audiences in a memorable, single-minded way when your customer journeys are complex and stretch across many months? 


Our Big Long Idea methodology creates this synergy by focusing on developing a compelling central concept to sit at the heart of campaign activity. This flexible idea will drive and sustain audience engagement across all media, and through every point in the sales funnel.


Big Long Ideas in action: Outokumpu

For the stainless steel manufacturer Outokumpu, we created a powerful, highly differentiating visual concept – hands made of shiny steel – to communicate strength and ingenuity. This Big Long Idea provides long-lasting, endlessly variable creative platform from which to promote different propositions. 

Used in social media ads, display banners, landing pages, nurturing emails, expert articles, conference presentations, animations and event materials, the Big Long Idea builds great synergy across all our client’s marketing activity for this line of business.






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