Posted on: 16 09 2022

Employee involvement in strategy work is key in a successful merger

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Susanna Juusti
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Last spring, all Luxid staff participated in the company’s top-level strategy work. Now the work is bearing fruit—a carefully crafted strategy is accelerating our merger (ID BBN and Luxus Worldwide).

A year ago, Luxid's management team decided to overhaul its strategy development methods and create a clear roadmap to achieve its goals. The pandemic had kept people working remotely for a long time, so our management team wanted to bring staff together for a common cause while nurturing community spirit.

At Luxid, management is not a one-way street. Our management team has found that people come up with the best answers when given the space to look for them. That’s why we wanted to involve staff in our strategy work—a common process that serves both teamwork and development work. Wisdom is not limited to one head or to one small group.

Shared strategy work is now reflected at Luxid in many ways. Involvement has brought teams closer together while engaging sought-after top professionals in the company— employees value the opportunity to influence the company’s development. Strategy, vision and growth now form a concrete, common project.

In January 2022, we conducted a work community survey and its results also reveal the strategy work we accomplished together. Points for this section had clearly increased: the company’s vision and strategy have been clearly communicated by the management and the company’s encouragement for cooperation and information sharing.

The strategy work that we undertook also revealed silos within the company and underscored the fact that preventing them requires active work and bringing people to the forefront of the common cause. As a result, we began consciously mixing teams in our development planning and in our work on the processes.

Fusion work together

On Valentine’s Day, we announced our merger. The merger is a natural extension of our six-year collaboration.

Employees of both companies have been involved in the unification process from the beginning. Dialogue has taken place in joint hybrid meetings and on an online platform where company employees have participated in the discussion and brainstorming. In addition, many are involved in the task forces that are building the new company.

Howspace has served as a platform and to date, collaboration has extended over more than 10,000 hours. Teams are currently considering the concept of leadership—what it means to us and what kind of leadership a successful company actually needs.

Thanks to our collaborative projects, it is clear that we share a common mindset and operate based on common values. We want unification to be a working equation for people, culture, business and our customers. Our goal is for the new company to be one of the most popular employers among marketing professionals.

Humap, a company that specializes in building a people-oriented culture of cooperation, is a partner in our strategy and merger work.

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Susanna Juusti

Susanna is one of the founders of Luxid. She loves good marketing and knows how to do it. “I think the definition of good marketing is simple: it supports sales and helps to make money.” Susanna is known for her expertise, experience, and hard drive. Her blog gives you tips and insights on how to get the most out of your marketing.

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