Posted on: 16 09 2022

Is your next job Revenue Ops or Growth Hacking?

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We've looked at external drivers and the resulting trends. Now we're taking a look at the internal changes in our field.

How are the constant acceleration of processes and the shrinking of time windows reflected in our industry?

Trend 1

Marketing and sales? Old School. Mars and Venus, a battling duo with a history of more than a hundred years, are merging. Not voluntarily, but because of external pressure. Digital customer services cannot distinguish between the two. The online store does not have separate sales and marketing functions. Coupons no longer collect leads: algorithms grind them – in nanoseconds.

Trend 2

Sales, marketing and customer service combine all customer data. 360-degree views of customers are created. Even the departments of an organization are forced to hold to a new line, one that is stretched between customer relationships and their needs, rather than twining around product group or job description.

Trend 3

A new language is born. New data literacy is needed. AI and machine learning do not define problems but solve them. Einstein also solved an eternal challenge by first thinking about the problem for an hour and then the solution in a minute.

Trend 4

The noble skill of customer understanding rises to the spheres; the seamless homework and game strategy of the customer team lead to the finish line with unprecedented efficiency. What’s needed is a whole team with defenders, midfielders and attackers – no single stars playing their own games. When you know what you want to achieve, the data will tell you how to get there most safely. A new, agile organizational model is emerging where Office365 expertise alone is not enough. Get a ScrumMaster certificate right away if you don’t already have one.

Trend 5

There has been talking of teleworking for decades, but it did not lead to concrete action until last year. Now telecommuting is the new normal. Most of the creators and commissioners of the work are overly happy with the new way of the rhythmic, hectic life. The challenge is the spiritual need to belong to something, to be part of something meaningful, of a community that lives and breathes for the same purpose. You can’t slap a shoulder virtually and the Friday détente enjoyed with the team on Teams are a paltry replacement for the real thing. New gimmicks are needed from the management to make the band play.

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