Posted on: 30 03 2020

Why choose Hubspot as a CMS?

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Mark de Vos
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Hubspot CMS has gained significant traction in the past couple of years, with companies of all sizes considering it for their digital strategy. Though it can be purchased as a stand-alone CMS, the real power comes from the complete package Hubspot has to offer. Let’s explore this a bit more...

Though we also recommend Hubspot as a stand-alone CMS, we often see clients go for much more than that. Which makes complete sense, as a corporate B2B site on its own is no longer enough. More avenues for engagement are essential, and marketing especially so.

Hubspot is a CMS, CRM, marketing automation, and sales platform, and can therefore be considered a holistic service. It covers all components of digital marketing in one.

Such an approach aligns closely with our strategy here at Luxid, where we like to think alongside the client, and not just develop what is asked for.

While Hubspot offers the tools, this doesn’t necessarily mean companies know how to effectively strategize their marketing activities, let alone transform it into operational activity.

With Hubspot CMS itself there are a few great features which help with your marketing efforts:

Smart content

One of my favourite features of Hubspot CMS. It isn't super advanced, but gives you simple and easy to understand opportunities to play with personalization. Giving visitors this unique experience will, if implemented correctly, increase conversions significantly.


Smart content allows you to display different content based on criteria like device type. It's important to understand that even though the usage is straightforward, personalizing your content is very much dependent on the right strategy.

One needs to truly understand their audience in order to perfectly hit with the right content every time.

User experience

The user experience to create custom designs is very easy to understand, meaning no training and no steep learning curve (like with Drupal for example). This is a strength that is often overlooked by other systems, and is a great advantage of Hubspot.

Another element we as an agency like is that we can lock out backend programming. In practice this means that authors can’t break the site, and we can control the author experience on a granular level.

Hubspot is also a SaaS, and with it come a number of advantages. Let’s explore the main ones in more detail:


Security is something Hubspot takes care of themselves. With their aptly named security program there is a clear effort made to keep the platform secure and up-to-date with market developments.


Hosting is done for you — no hassle, no technicians necessary. Their CDN-based hosting is top-notch and the package includes SSL encryption. These things seem straightforward, but they can be rather complex to setup, and quite frankly are not what clients want to be confronted with.


Updating is done in the background without the user noticing it. This means no down time, as well as no hours lost due to updating procedures. This can be a very valuable advantage of Saas, with no effort made on the users part, and the risk of erroneous updates reduced to zero.

All in all, Hubspot CMS is a great system, and really becomes powerful when used with the right marketing packages and strategies. We have implemented Hubspot CMS for HMD, Mash and even on our own site, where we make use of sales and marketing packages.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of Hubspot, and where they might align with your business.

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