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Intelligent B2B demand generation

Boost the performance of your marketing operations with data-driven insights in every part of the funnel.

B2B COMPANIES FACE the same obstacles

What is your business challenge?

Struggling with lead quality or lead cost? Unhappy with campaign performance? Difficult to decide what channels to use, or what creative content you should make? Unsure about how to do account-based marketing or ABX?

Let’s address these challenges head-on.

Get to know Luxid’s data-driven, AI-assisted approach to refine your strategies in digital marketing, ensuring your marketing and sales are perfectly aligned for optimal performance.

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Transform from ad hoc campaigns into a lead generating machine

Facing inconsistent results from sporadic digital marketing campaigns? With Luxid, you can elevate your digital B2B marketing to a lean B2B demand generation engine. Optimize performance while improving lead quality and reducing lead costs.

Discover how we transformed Outokumpu from having zero digital marketing leads to generating over 9,000 leads annually.

Markie Awards Winner for Best Lead Management

Luxid Group received the prestigious award for Best Lead Management at the 2022 Las Vegas ceremony for its work with global stainless steel manufacturer Outokumpu.

Challenge: poor visibility into the marketing landscape

Insights from target audience and competitors help with differentiation

How much do you know about your audience, your competitors' activities, and your marketing scope? Data and insights from target group and channel analysis eliminate guesswork, too broad targeting, and subjective opinion. The more you know, the more you can differentiate and drive demand. 

Inform your strategy with competitor insights

Read the award-winning case study for ATEA’s LinkedIn Strategy revamp, where Luxid used their toolset for target group analysis and competitor activities studies to help simplify the strategy with excellent results, reducing media spend and improving performance.

Challenge: WHEN the target group is one company

Winning key customers through ABX, account-based experience

Reaching your audience in B2B is by default a lot harder than B2C. It gets even harder when you are trying to reach just a few decision makers in one large company.

Luxid can help you build an account-based experience (ABX) strategy, define your ideal accounts and data-validated buyer personas, and then approach them with personalized, hyper-targeted messaging in selected, specialized channels.

Connect with customers who count

Whether you need a one-to-one, one-to-few, or one-to-many approach in your account-based marketing activities, Luxid is there to hands-on get you the leads that really count.

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How to succeed in data-driven digital marketing transformation

Find out the common elements of success – we analysed the digital marketing transformation of over 70 companies from the past 10 years.

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What is intelligent B2B demand generation?

Intelligent B2B demand generation is Luxid’s method of creating measurable digital marketing programs aimed at generating demand for your products or services. These programs are:

Highly targeted and adaptive

Long-running and continuously optimized based on performance analytics to enhance effectiveness.


Designed to work in a cookieless environment, aligning with your company’s business objectives.

Scalable across borders

Ideal for multinational operations or can be tailored to specific regional demands.

What makes it intelligent?

Data-driven foundation

Extensive online data research and continuous campaign performance monitoring for precision targeting and optimization.


AI-assisted operations

Fast planning and production of campaigns and creative assets with the help of AI, enhancing efficiency and scalability.


Creative excellence

No guesses—creative decisions backed by data, ensuring content that performs and drives sales.


B2B expertise

Campaign flows tailored to the B2B customer journey, incorporating best practices like buyer personas and theme-based content strategies.


Marketing automation

We can embed advanced lead scoring and nurturing paths suited for the B2B landscape, for your marketing automation platform of choice.


Custom dashboards

Tailored marketing performance dashboards, from campaign monitoring to comprehensive full-funnel views, to suit your specific needs.

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