LinkedIn reimagined: Atea’s strategic blueprint for B2B excellence


  • Enhanced LinkedIn strategy: Targeted ad campaigns and consistent, relevant content creation.
  • Analytics and optimization: Use of advanced analytics to monitor, adjust, and optimize marketing efforts continuously.

Long story short

By integrating a competitive analysis and adopting an "always-on" marketing strategy, along with targeted content and optimized campaign execution, Atea Finland significantly improved its presence and efficiency on LinkedIn. This transformation enhanced engagement with key audiences and demonstrated effective resource management in digital marketing.


About Atea

Atea is Northern Europe’s leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions. With a strong presence across Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, Atea boasts over 8,000 employees and serves 30,000 customers in up to 130 countries.

Atea has been recognized globally for its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Named the world's most responsible IT service provider for the third time in 2024 by Corporate Knights, Atea has consistently demonstrated leadership in environmental and social responsibility.

This case study is about Atea Finland.



Atea's wide array of services posed a significant challenge in identifying and targeting the appropriate audience without internal competition. Our mission was to overhaul Atea's approach to LinkedIn advertising, transforming it from a series of impulsive, inconsistent efforts into coherent, strategic campaigns.


Our response to the challenge was a segmentation strategy, dividing our campaigns according to specific go-to-market (GTM) areas. Each GTM had its own set of campaigns and audiences, ensuring focused targeting without overlap.

Standing out in the highly competitive IT service market also required a creative and distinct approach. We conducted an in-depth competitor analysis using tools such as SimilarWeb and SparkToro. This helped us understand the LinkedIn presence of Atea’s main competitors and informed our strategy. These insights were crucial in developing our unique concepts, ensuring our campaign visuals and messaging not only resonated with our audience but also distinguished Atea from its competitors.

Unlike many B2B campaigns focused narrowly on immediate results, we adopted a holistic view of Atea's LinkedIn presence. This broader strategic perspective allowed us to not only identify but also rectify the underlying issues in Atea's previous LinkedIn efforts.

Our approach was about reinventing Atea's entire LinkedIn strategy. This encompassed a shift from numerous low-budget campaigns to fewer, more impactful ones, thus optimizing spend and focus.

We helped Atea fully utilize LinkedIn, not just as an advertising platform but as a comprehensive tool for brand building, thought leadership, and targeted marketing.



This strategic revamp led to:

Improved engagement: 13% increase in click-through rates and 11% reduction in cost-per-click.

Increased web traffic: 40% rise in engaged website sessions.

Budget efficiency: Significant reduction in media spend and campaign costs, with a more strategic deployment of budget.

Atea Finland is an esteemed IT service company. Our mission was to overhaul Atea's approach to LinkedIn advertising, transforming it from a series of impulsive, inconsistent efforts into coherent, strategic campaigns.


Increase in click-through rates  


Reduction in cost-per-click


Rise in engaged website sessions


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