Award-winning long-term strategic digital marketing 


  • Ultra-defined target audiences leveraging ABM lists, buyer personas, channel execs and audience & competitor analyses 
  • Planning, executing, managing and optimizing phased social media campaigns 
  • Creative concepts and AI-assisted campaign assets 
  • Power BI dashboards for a full-funnel view of performance 

Long story short

With Luxid as their digital marketing partner, Outokumpu employed intelligent B2B digital marketing strategies to reach the ambitious target of 9,000 marketing leads in 2023. 


About Outokumpu

Outokumpu is accelerating the green transition as the global leader in sustainable stainless steel. Outokumpu’s business is based on the circular economy: their products are made from 95% recycled materials, which they then turn into fully recyclable stainless steel. This steel is utilized in various applications across society, including infrastructure, mobility, and household appliances. Outokumpu has been a Luxid client since 2018. Watch the video below to find out what their Head of Marketing, Markku Havukainen, thinks about our journey together.



With an end-to-end digital marketing ecosystem already in place, Outokumpu set out to enhance the strategic use of social media for awareness and lead generation during 2023. 


They had a straightforward target for the year:

9,000 Marketing Leads  


Given the Outokumpu team’s increased stringency in the lead generation and qualification process, this target was ambitious. 


Luxid worked closely with Outokumpu to develop a comprehensive strategy: 

Define target audiences by leveraging existing buyer personas and ABM lists, with strategic input from LinkedIn, Meta, and X account executives to optimize channel utilization. 

Creative and analytical approach: 
- Create compelling, long-lasting creative concepts to drive sustained audience engagement. 
- Leverage generative AI for cost-effective and striking visual content creation. 
- Conduct in-depth audience and competitor analyses using advanced tools like SparkToro to effectively pinpoint and engage niche B2B decision-makers. 

Phased social media campaigns: 
- Phase 1: Build awareness using video ads, with view rates providing a good basis for further targeting. 
- Phase 2: Create interest among engaged audiences with still image ads to drive website traffic. 
- Phase 3: Generate marketing leads through gated content targeted at users who engaged with Phase 2 ads. 

Utilise Power BI dashboards for a single view of all KPIs across campaigns, enabling real-time insights and adjustments to strategies. 



Outokumpu met and exceeded its lead target, generating 9,736 marketing leads, an increase of 10.6% over the previous year. Furthermore, they generated 32.3% more sales qualified leads, due to more precise targeting and enhanced campaign strategies. 

Our success brought Outokumpu and Luxid the 2024 Global Social Media Award for Best long-term strategic use of social media. 


Marketing leads – up 10.6% from previous year 


Increase in sales qualified leads from previous year 


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