One-view customer insight with digital marketing dashboards


  • A centralised reporting dashboard for marketing data
  • Centralised marketing data warehouse
  • Onboarding for client’s marketing team

Long story short

Luxid’s data and analytics experts planned and executed a centralised reporting
solution for Outokumpu’s marketing team. A fully automated, centralised dashboard
solution now keeps each marketing segment owner up to date with relevant KPIs
across digital marketing operations. The dashboards are extremely useful in the
optimisation of campaigns.


About Outokumpu

Outokumpu is the global leader in sustainable stainless steel and one of the
forerunners of digital marketing in B2B manufacturing. Luxid plays a major role in
continuously developing Outokumpu’s marketing, data strategy and analytics



Outokumpu continuously runs a variety of different marketing operations across
numerous customer segments globally. They were lacking a clear and consistent
way of reporting the relevant KPIs across all digital marketing activities.

Outokumpu’s marketing team wanted to take a leap in analytical maturity and
replace their legacy reporting solutions with one source of truth. They wanted to
follow marketing performance in real time, to compare their campaign results
seamlessly with industry benchmarks and to gain clear and actionable insights.

Luxid’s data and analytics team took up the challenge of providing Outokumpu with a
centralised, user-friendly reporting solution.


Luxid created user-friendly Power BI dashboards for monitoring all of Outokumpu’s
marketing activities.

Utilising the Dataddo integration platform, marketing and sales data is collected daily
and stored in a single source of truth: a BigQuery data warehouse. This data
platform was built using both custom-coded data pipelines and third-party software.
Power BI draws data from BigQuery to the appropriate dashboards.

This gives Outokumpu a single view to all KPIs, including email open rates and click-
through rates, landing page conversions and contacts referred to sales.



Outokumpu’s dashboards are extremely useful in the optimization of marketing

Visibility into lead scoring allows for effective tracking of lead behavior and unveils
how campaigns affect conversions.

The centralized BigQuery data platform provides a data hub for marketing data
scientists to use in further data-driven operations.

Outokumpu is able to use the dashboards as a scoring board for their marketing
team members, each with KPIs they are accountable for improving.


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