HMD subscriptions CASE STUDY

Dialling in a new subscription model for Nokia phones 


  • Service design
  • Purchase flow
  • Self service portal
  • Transactional emails
  • Integrations


Luxid helped develop a new commercial subscription model for Nokia devices. We delivered a highly efficient sales funnel and self-service portal which integrated seamlessly with all backend systems. Working closely with HMD and other third-party software providers, we went from initial concept to launching a polished product in just six months. 


About HMD

HMD Global is a brand licensee and global producer of Android smartphones under the Nokia Phones brand. Operating in over 80 different countries, it is the largest smartphone manufacturer in Europe. The company wanted to strengthen its already established webshop with a new subscription model that provided a great customer experience while supporting sustainability efforts.



HMD wanted to offer its customers more ways to purchase, manage, and replace Nokia devices. Introducing a subscription model enabled the company to do all three, and contribute to its sustainability goals by providing a reliable way for customers to recycle their old devices and reduce waste. Luxid was enlisted to help build out the subscription model. This included support for service design, UX strategy, digital design, front-end development, as well as web and email content creation—all delivered within six months. 


Our team began with service design, concepting and strategy. It was clear from the start that success would rely on close collaboration between different teams and disciplines, as well as integrations between different systems and software. We needed to connect four separate scrum teams to build a single product, and followed the principles outlined in The Nexus framework to help us stay on track and communicate effectively from day one. 

HMD built its architecture to enable a composable commerce approach, including headless frontend. This enabled us to work on frontend design and development tasks without impacting backend systems. We could work to shorter timelines and implement our approved service design and purchase flow more efficiently. This included the development of a self-service portal, accessible via HMD’s ‘My Account’ system.  

Our team created a full UX strategy to ensure the portal would make subscription management as simple as possible. Customers could use the portal for all sorts of use cases, such as reviewing bills, replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged device, or returning and recycling an old one.  

Everything we built had to integrate seamlessly with backend systems and third-party software. Once again, HMD’s composable approach to technology came in handy. The company’s e-commerce platform didn’t support subscription models natively, but was flexible enough to work with its Content Management System and third-party software like Zuora to launch the subscription services as intended. 

Alongside our design and development workflows, we also provided comprehensive content support. This ranged from web copy like landing and confirmation pages, to a complete suite of transactional and service emails.  



Launching in the key UK and German markets, HMD outpaced the competition and transformed Nokia phone ownership with its new subscription service. Nokia owners now have access to an intuitive self-service portal for easy bill management, device upgrades and replacements. They can also contribute to sustainability efforts and earn rewards by holding on to their devices for longer and returning old ones to be responsibly recycled 



Mark de Vos

Digital Program Manager

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