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Awards shortlisting is a testament to Luxid’s talent and innovation

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Luxid has been shortlisted for the prestigious Global Social Media Awards in no less than three categories! Attracting entries from all over the world, The Global Social Media Awards celebrate businesses that are breaking the internet, smashing through the algorithms, and creating the kind of engagement that really drives business success.

To be shortlisted in multiple categories is a real testament to the fantastic efforts of everyone involved at Luxid. It’s also a demonstration of the great strides Luxid is making in key areas of innovation: always-on digital marketing, leveraging AI, tech-enabled optimisation, and utilising the latest tools and techniques to succeed in competitor analysis and audience segmentation.

Our first shortlist is in Best Use of LinkedIn for Atea Finland Oy: ‘Showcasing LinkedIn Reimagined: Atea's Strategic Blueprint for B2B Excellence’. Our mission was to overhaul Atea’s approach to LinkedIn advertising into a coherent strategic campaign approach, improving click through rates and cost per clicks and increasing engaged website sessions.

With a target of IT decision-makers, Luxid segmented the audience based on different go-to-market strategies using LinkedIn capabilities, buying personas and account based marketing lists. We conducted competitor analysis using tools such as SimilarWeb and SparkToro. And we adopted a two-phased approach: always on awareness with videos and single images, and targeting a warmer audience with deeper content such as blog posts, articles, and case studies.

We smashed all our targets for Atea: single image click through increased by 13%, single Image cost per click reduced by 11%, and engaged website sessions rose by 40%.

A huge shoutout to Hanna Vesenterä, Heini Pekkala, Myrsky Tammimaa, Hanna Wallin and our visionary Luxid team, including Marjut Herranen, Aleksi Ilomäki, Eija Väliranta, and Sari Jalava, for redefining professional networking.

Luxid’s next shortlist was in Best Long-term Strategic Use of Social Media for Outokumpu: Highlighting ‘Lead Gen Excellence in B2B Manufacturing’. Outokumpu wanted to enhance its use of social media to drive awareness and lead generation. Having previously run one-off campaigns in LinkedIn, our focus for Outokumpu was on a more systematic way to build audiences across multiple channels to reach more potential customers.

With an ambitious target of 9,000 marketing leads for 2023, Luxid defined the exact target audiences, making use of buyer personas, ABM lists, and smart tools. We devised ‘Big Long Ideas’ that would work across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Visuals were created with the assistance of generative AI, and the campaigns were run in phases, forming an ‘ad funnel’ across awareness, interest, and lead generation.

The campaign was a huge success, generating 9,736 marketing leads (up 10.6% on the previous year) and delivering 32,3% increase in sales qualified leads. All of this is thanks to Markku Havukainen, Outi Lilja, Pauliina Thun, Pauliina Vehniäinen, Anton Paavola, and our Luxid stars Marjut Herranen, Julius Murtojärvi, Jere Hakamäki, Tiina Haapanen, Antti Sulkakoski, Liam Manderson, and Markku Alikoski

Our final shortlisting is in Most Impactful Social Media Campaign for MSD Finland’s campaign ‘Go See a Doctor’. Our campaign aimed to address a critical health issue in Finland – the increasing cases of cutaneous melanoma and lung cancer. With a target audience of 25- to 65-year-olds, we sought to drive people to the campaign landing page to book a doctor’s appointment.

The campaign focused on education, informing people about symptoms and the importance of early detection; emotional engagement, using real-life stories to drive resonance; and using influencers who could share their own personal stories. In collaboration with Hasan & Partners and Initiative Finland we embraced a full multi-channel approach: digital (including Facebook, Google Ads and native advertising); traditional (OOH, TV, radio, newspapers, and cinema), targeted content; and social media (including influencer collaborations).

The results were fantastic. The campaign website attracted almost 65,000 visitors - up 300% on the previous year's campaign – and more than 2,300 individuals booked a doctor’s appointment through our campaign's channels - exceeding the target by over 220%.

Huge thanks go to Luxid’s dedicated MSD Finland team for their pivotal role in this achievement: Venla Määttä, Tia Stålhammar, Karri Sillanpää, Päivi Koli, Nora Vuokko, and key talent that brought the vision to life Niina Sariola, Eija Väliranta, Julius Murtojärvi, Anssi Kaija and Nitta Eerikäinen.

We are hugely honoured and excited to be shortlisted with our amazing clients in these three categories. Fingers crossed for the announcement of the results on Thursday 25th April!

If you have been inspired by these cases and would like innovative marketing solutions to your business challenges, then talk to one of our experts at Luxid.

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