Posted on: 04 09 2023

Back to Basics: Simplicity is Key for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

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Alex McKenzie
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Back to Basics: Simplicity is Key for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Wrestling with complex concepts, jargon, and solutions as part of your B2B marketing strategy? You may need to embrace a different kind of B2B: back to basics.

Invariably, B2B companies have complex challenges to solve with their solutions. This can result in lengthy and equally complex product and marketing information, leaving an audience that's new to the subject feeling overwhelmed.

Simplifying complex topics is a necessary challenge within B2B marketing; those who can reap the commercial benefit of increased business from better-educated customers. According to research from Gartner, today's prospects spend around two-thirds of their B2B journey gathering, processing, and de-conflicting information about their next supplier. Crucially, they do so without direct sales rep involvement.

This begs the question: how do you condense your product or services – technical terms, acronyms, buzzwords, and all – into an engaging B2B strategy that, most importantly, makes you stand out from your competitors?  

Focus on a simple concept 

Simplicity of messaging is key. Amid the ever-increasing number of products, solutions, and services in the B2B world, your customer needs to remember yours. And are they more likely to remember an extremely convoluted idea or a simple one? 

You need to focus on the one point you prize above all others and make this the story's hero. What makes your product the top of its class? What does it offer that your competitors don't? How does it address the pain points your customers have? Consolidate these thoughts into a single memorable idea that demonstrates why you're unique.  

Use imagery and think differently  

Visual aids like charts and graphs communicate complex ideas to people faster than words. So can comparisons to relatable concepts in everyday life. Approaching your subject from a different angle can inspire your audience's curiosity and kickstart their purchasing journey.

Global steel manufacturer Outokumpu has shown how striking visuals can showcase the potential of its product. The image – New York's skyscraper-filled skyline is reflected in the reverse side of a teaspoon – showcases stainless steel's limitless applications, both vast and intimate. All without a word said.


outokumpu right side-1

Demonstrate value 

Want people to care about your B2B solution? Cut adjectives like 'superlative,' 'innovative,' or 'industry leading.' Give your customers the evidence they need and allow them to make up their own mind instead. And the fastest way to achieve that is by showcasing its benefits firsthand. 

Provide real-world examples. Keep them concise. Include statistics where possible. Using X, our customers can now do Y. Nothing communicates the benefit of a complicated product or solution in the B2B sector quite like a statistic. 

Be concise, avoid jargon 

Don't give your audience the time to become bored with overwritten content; don't let them lose track of what you're talking about with inaccessible language.

Think about platforms  

A clear, powerful, organising idea running across different platforms is key. But how do you know your idea is strong enough? This is where developing an understanding of your audience comes into play. Does your idea address a specific pain point? Does it resonate with them along each step of their journey? Does it work in a paid ad, email, or landing page? You can tailor your B2B marketing for each platform if your central idea achieves those objectives. 

Build a stack that puts your simple idea in front of the right people 

We've seen how Outokumpu has utilized a strong visual concept to create impact. But how do you sustain that initial effect over a longer campaign? Developing a solid marketing ecosystem for Outokumpu and digital partners, Luxid has helped reach the right buyer personas globally. Assisted by marketing automation, measurable multichannel campaigns, and established dashboards for effective reporting, Outokumpu has enjoyed a 231% increase of potential volume in the sales pipeline, email metrics that regularly surpass industry benchmarks, and – probably the only time you'll hear a digital marketing agency boasting about zero growth – a 0% unsubscribe rate.

We’ve helped that simple idea create a significant impact. Learn how here. 

Need help perfecting your B2B marketing strategy? Luxid is here for you. Whether it's honing in on that initial creative concept or maximizing its impact throughout your customers' journey, we provide end-to-end solutions that promote curiosity and inspire action. Contact the Luxid team today.  

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