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Ben Carter’s passion for design, anime, fatherhood and 007

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“I’m always there to help out fellow employees whether that is to check work or help with tasks” 

Ben Carter is a big fan of anime and manga. Getting sucked into the fantasy stories helps him to switch off. But they also provide inspiration for his creativity.  

“I love the variety that anime and manga bring and the crazy worlds they can take you,” says Ben. “I draw characters from anime and recreate my favourite scenes, which helps me brush up on my illustrative skills.” 

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Ben studied multi-media technology at Leeds Metropolitan University, but he wasn’t always destined for the world of media, tech and creativity. As a kid, Ben had his heart set on being a spy. “When I was growing up all I wanted to watch was James Bond - in fact I still watch all the old films now with my dad,” says Ben. “So not surprisingly, I really wanted to be a spy and to work for her majesty’s secret service….and be just like the coolest man alive.” 

Well, Ben might well now be like the coolest man alive, but luckily for Luxid he turned his back on international espionage, and instead harnessed his multi-media skills to become a Digital Designer.  

“I’m really motivated by doing something that I love,” explains Ben. “I really enjoy working on Crocs and it’s great that I’m surrounded by talented designers who I can ask for guidance and help.” 

For Ben, one of the most important aspects of life at Luxid is the freedom he has to do creative work. “Luxid places great trust in their employees, knowing they have hired talented individuals to exceed client expectations. I’ve not worked somewhere before that has such trust in their employees.” 

The Luxid value that Ben most aligns with is ‘driven. This is a behaviour that he lives out every day at the agency. “I’m always there to help out fellow employees whether that is to check work or help with tasks. It’s also great to be part of a team knowing they will also help me out in times of need as we are all united in doing great work for clients.” 

Ben is clearly impressed by the number of truly talented people that work at Luxid: “Some of the work created here has blown my mind. And I think we all appreciate the opportunity we have to work with such well known clients.” 

Outside of work, Ben is really enjoying being a new dad. He says that his superpower is being able to look after a toddler on three hours sleep, and that his passion in life is to give his son the best childhood memories. Ben is clearly following in the great example set for him by his father: “My Dad overcame a tough upbringing but used that experience to be an amazing dad to me. He’s always worked hard but made sure to always have time for me. I know he’ll always be there for me and he’s a big role model to how I want to be to my kids.” 

Like many of his Luxid colleague, Ben loves to travel and his favourite holiday destination is Australia. While travelling, Ben once went cage diving with great white sharks. “That was probably the fastest my heart has ever beaten,” admits Ben.  

And if Ben could make one change in the world? “No more wars. They cause the deaths of innocent people on a ridiculous scale….all for someone else’s greed.” 

If like Ben, you love working with a great team and applying your creative talents for great clients, then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here. 

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