Posted on: 15 06 2023

For Eija, working at Luxid is all about creativity, curiosity and collaboration

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Luxid believes passionately in creative excellence. It’s at the heart of how we do amazing work for our clients that drives their business growth.  

But great creativity only comes from great talent. So, meet Eija Väliranta. She is a trailblazer at Luxid who is making creative excellence an everyday reality. As a Senior Copywriter, she lives and breathes ’connecting, convincing and inspiring’ with the content she creates for our clients.

To be honest, it’s no surprise that Eija is a great content creator – creativity is in her blood. ”Art is my great passion in life”, says Eija. “I think we all have a superpower and mine is curiosity. You have to be curious in order to create.

Eija’s creative drive saw her throw herself into the arts and humanities in higher education. She studied journalism, communications and photography in Finland, but curiosity took her further afield to the World Press Institute in the USA and University of the Arts, in the UK. But not content with that, Eija also did language studies in Norway and South Africa.  

Eija says that part of her creative inspiration comes from nature. She loves being by the sea and feels truly at home in the lakes and mountains of Norway. And in the great tradition of creatives who love being outdoors, Eija’s favourite way to express her creativity is through painting.

All of this inspiration and creativity comes through in Eija’s writing at Luxid. But she is quick to point out that it’s not a solo project. “One of the reasons why I love working a Luxid is the great team spirit and to be working collaboratively with such great talent.” Eija is a big believer in Luxid’s talent-oriented values of being supportive, inclusive and transparent. By working in this environment at Luxid, Eija believes it is much easier to work “smarter and not harder.

And smarter creative working led to what Eija describes as one of her proudest accomplishments: “One of my career highlights happened in 2000. While managing PR for the Down by the Laituri in Turku, I created the first LGBTQ+ event at the festival – Gay by the Laituri – which featured drag shows, bands a choice and DJs.

Outside of Luxid, music is another creative passion for Eija. “I get real inspiration from listening to great music, and the same way as seeing interesting art or a reading beautifully written words.” Eija’s music tastes are varied. Among her favourite artists she lists: Hans Zimmer, Nils Frahm, DM, Pink Floyd, The Knife, The National, PJ Harvey, and Eva Dahlgren.

Eija also has a love of animals. She wanted to be vet when she was a child and her favourite animals are Matti and Manu, her Norfolk Terriers. Oh, and if she could actually be an animal Eija would be a bird. “It would be so amazing to be able to fly! 

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