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How Matti Aalto-Setälä is leading a trailblazing life at Luxid

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Matti Aalto-Setälä

Matti Aalto-Setälä has a deep interest in human behaviour – understanding what motivates people and what influences their actions. “Is it a matter of evolutionary psychology or learned behavior patterns guided by culture?”, questions Matti.

This attention to what makes people tick and what drives their happiness is a great asset, given Matti’s people-focused role at Luxid. Based in Turku, he’s VP Business Development and spends a lot of time talking to clients and working out how Luxid can support them with their business growth opportunities. It also helps that Matti’s ‘superpower’ is listening!

“Every day presents a unique set of challenges and experiences,” says Matti. “I’m constantly exposed to clients’ business problems. Tackling these with a highly competent team makes the work incredibly engaging. The nature of my job means I’m continually learning and delving into both intriguing and - at times - complex matters, which keeps the work fulfilling.”

And it’s not just the nature of the job that makes Matti’s job so compelling, it’s also the people, capabilities and culture at Luxid that’s so important.

“Luxid is an international, modern marketing agency employing super talents and serving the world's best companies,” says Matti. “We have 30 years of experience in marketing and 20 years of experience on marketing automation. It's both intriguing and educational to work in such a challenging and demanding environment.”

Like his co-workers at Luxid, Matti is constantly striving to do ever better work for clients. He says his proudest achievement is receiving a Markie - a marketing Oscars - for the team’s amazing client work for F-Secure and Rautaruukki.

Matti’s role at Luxid’s sees him working closely with the teams at Luxid to develop new digital and marketing strategies for clients. “At the moment, I am also building an ABM (Account-Based Marketing) strategy for Luxid,” says Matti . “And I’m talking with new clients to explore how they could advance their use of new marketing technologies and leverage artificial intelligence to drive customer experience and lead generation.”

This focus on exploring new opportunities for clients and embracing the latest technologies is very much part of the Luxid value that Matti most relates to – Trailblazing. Luxidians are progressive in their outlook, curious about the world, and never lose touch with their sense of fun and adventure.

Trailblazing best describes me and also Luxid because I've always been involved in creating things that are still in development. I started designing wrist computers at a time when they were hardly in existence, and I also developed an algorithm-based diabetes watch that utilized algorithms and machine learning 15 years ago,” explains Matti.

“At Luxid, I've introduced the latest marketing technologies to our clients and have learned and taught their benefits to them. I try always to be at the forefront of new things and ideas. One of my interests has been the AI for a long time and still is.”

Matti has a varied educational background that has enabled him to develop his skillsets across technology, marketing and business. He has studied at Helsinki University of Technology, the University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and Aalto University School of Business.

Outside of work, Matti is a keen padel player and loves the nature and outdoors in Finland. He enjoys travel and his favourite holiday destination is Italy.

And if Matti could make one change in the world? “I would have Love, peace and happiness for everybody. If that’s too much I would choose no wars and violence. You know why.”

If like Matti, you love working with great people, and have a passion for embracing the latest in marketing and technology to help solve business challenges, then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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