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Living the dream at home and abroad

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Living the dream at home and abroad

Nikos Lemanis is big on travel. It's his passion in life. He likes nothing more than taking time to observe and really get under the skin of a place and its culture. 

His favourite holiday destination is Valencia, which is rich in culture and cuisine. It's also a busy destination, which is important for Nikos, who describes himself as a 'city person.' He says he would one day like to live in Buenos Aires: "Of everywhere I've spent time, this has come the closest to being the perfect city for me."

And as Luxid's Strategy Director, travel is a part of his job. In fact, he recently relocated from London to Austin, Texas, as part of the agency's growth plans in the US. "We're currently building our presence in the US, and I needed to be closer to our customers here. It's been a really exciting challenge so far - we've already engaged some great new customers and hired some really talented people - and it feels like this is just the beginning."

Nikos now lives in the home country of his favourite music artist, Brian Wilson, who he describes as a genius: "It's a term that is used too often, but it 100% applies to him." Music is another of Nikos' passions, and he says that his proudest accomplishment is recording a studio album with a band. He's sung and played in front of thousands at gigs and festivals. "Those times were a lot of fun and not something I ever thought I'd had the courage to do until I did it," says Nikos.

His success in music says something about Nikos' belief in hard work and commitment to seeing plans come together. He says that working for Luxid has enabled him to develop as an individual and to live 'mutually beneficial dreams.' By Nikos' own admission, this type of working relationship is quite rare and requires real honesty and openness.

"I really appreciate Luxid's sincerity," says Nikos. "I've always believed that honesty, transparency, and a genuine desire to add value are the real keys to long-term partnerships in business." For Nikos, these values are very much reflected in the people at Luxid. He says the agency has a diverse workforce united by the same drive and values.

Clearly, Nikos gets a real buzz from life at Luxid, but if he wants his heart to beat just that little bit faster, he says that all he has to do is see his two-year-old daughter every morning. And if the joys of family life, music and travel were not enough to entirely fill his time, Nikos says that if he could do anything for a day, it would be an astronaut on the ISS: "Who wouldn't jump at the chance to look down at Earth from that perspective if they got a chance? Maybe if everyone had an opportunity to do that, the world would be a nicer place."

Making the world a better place is clearly essential to Nikos. He is co-founder and ambassador for, a charity in the UK that uses football as an engine for positive change.

"If I had a superpower, it would be to help people think rationally and unselfishly. Many powerful people are making very questionable decisions out there, so being able to help them make the right decisions for people and the planet has to be a good thing." We wish you luck with developing your superpower, Nikos

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