Posted on: 11 06 2024

Overcoming challenges to get the most out of life and Luxid

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Luxid’s Marcus Siegfrids likes to seize the day, to appreciate the simple things in life and to make the most of every moment. This is understandable given that he has recently gone through a very challenging period in his life.  

Last year marked a pivotal moment in my life as I underwent brain surgery to address a significant tumour, that fortunately was benign,” explains Marcus. “Since then, my perspective on life has shifted dramatically. My primary goal now is to seize the beauty in every passing day and to approach the future with open arms, ready to embrace whatever it holds for me.” 

Marcus says that overcoming brain surgery has been his proudest accomplishment. “This experience has taught me the profound importance of gratitude and resilience, guiding me towards a deeper appreciation for the small joys and moments that make life truly meaningful.” 

One of Marcus’s small joys is looking after his family garden. He says that he loves to connect with nature and see the results of his work, whether it’s mowing the lawn, planting flowers or trimming hedges.  

Marcus’s love of nature and life’s simple pleasures has shaped his choice of holidays: “I've developed a fondness for heading North each year. It's become a cherished tradition that I eagerly anticipate every spring, especially when I'm with my family. Skiing alongside my wife and our trusty dog brings me immense joy and is a highlight of the season for me.” 

There is a real sense of authenticity about the way Marcus lives and enjoys his life and this is reflected in the Luxid value that he most relates to. “For me it’s all about being ‘sincere’,” says Marcus. “Being transparent, no matter how bad or good the news can be - never tamper with raw data. I bring sincerity to every aspect of my work, ensuring authenticity, integrity, and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact. Everyone I work with at Luxid works in the same way.” 

Marcus is a Senior Marketing Analyst at Luxid. He says he is hugely inspired by the digital marketing landscape and the many opportunities that brands have to establish a strong online presence. For the past couple of years, Marcus has been primarily focused on search engine optimisation.  

“Seeing the real growth in digital is something that truly motivates me. I feel very fortunate that my clients really understand the value of the work I’m doing and express their appreciation for this,” says Marcus.  

When asked why he decided to work at Luxid, Marcus has no hesitation in explaining: “Many of my friends are part of the Luxid team. Being immersed in this environment, I can't help but feel the energy and excitement pulsating through our workplace. The abundance of talent and opportunities here is palpable, creating a dynamic atmosphere where innovation thrives, and possibilities abound.” 

Marcus says he’s very appreciative of the opportunity he has at Luxid to expand his knowledge in analytics and digital marketing. “I am currently working in an environment where there is no penalty for not excelling at something. It’s quite the opposite - we are encouraged to explore new things as they can lead to truly valuable learning experiences.” 

If, like Marcus, you love having the freedom to expand your knowledge and experiences, and are keen to work in an inspiring digital environment with highly motivated people, then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here. 

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