Posted on: 30 01 2024

Luxid’s Paula Carbajal is all about the journey

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Paula Gonzalez Carbajal is from Asturias, the Coast Verde of Spain, but she’s now resident in Finland. And despite the change in climate, she’s loving the move. “I’m really proud of my emigration journey,” says Paula. “I’ve overcome the difficulties of adjusting to a new country and finally made a life for myself here.” 

She talks about getting used to the darkness in winter, and now views the colder months with surprising positivity: “Right now I’m all in for the winter season. Warm clothes, hot cocoa, snowy trees and being cosy by the fireplace.” She’s enjoying nature in Finland and has developed a love of hedgehogs. “It’s so much fun seeing them around the house. My partner and I have prepared a wooden shelter for them to hibernate this winter.”  

And Paula’s favourite holiday destination is also all about nature and the big outdoors. “I love to be somewhere with mountains. I like exploring the nature and reaching some summit - the views and the fresh air are really captivating.” 

Paula joined Luxid as she was looking for challenging projects, that she could work on with a great team. “Luxid employees are encouraged to develop themselves and although each of us is different all voices are listened and appreciated. There’s a sense of community and group,” says Paula.  

As a web developer at Luxid, Paula loves that she’s working in an always changing field, and has to stay on top of the latest trends in technologies. “Right now, our team is working on a complete rebranding for a client. It’s a lot of work but also very rewarding to see how everybody pushes hard to make it work and align with each other to achieve great results.” 

Paula is very much motivated by development and learning:  “I look back at my work in the previous years and think ‘I could give this person a few tips now’. That means I’ve improved my skills and progressed in my career and this motivates me to continue my learning journey.” That journey started with a degree in computer engineering, and Paula is now studying for a Masters in Full Stack Development. 

Outside of work, Paula loves handicrafts and DIY projects: “In my free time I’m happiest doing some scrapbooking project, painting watercolour or practising beautiful calligraphy over a cup of chai latte.”  

Paula is clearly a creative person, with a healthy degree of sensitivity. “I used to think that being sensitive was a bad thing, but I’ve realised that thanks to that I can empathise with people better. I can listen and give good advice to my loved ones.” Paula says that if she could make one change in the world, it would be for everyone to have more respect for other people. “It seems that some people can only communicate by attacking others and being hostile,” says Paula.  

And if Paula could choose to be a superhero? “As a kid I would binge-watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A normal girl that is chosen to battle evil forces was definitely something new at the time. There were not many female role models like that. Her strength, courage and independence were truly inspiring.” 

If like Paula you want to go on a journey of challenges and self-improvement, then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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