Posted on: 28 02 2024

Embracing the diverse work and culture at Luxid

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Nick Nguyen is from Bien Hoa in Vietnam, and is now enjoying life in Finland working at Luxid. As a child he dreamed of being a doctor or a pilot, but he studied Information and Communication Technology at university, which set him on the path of working in the fast-changing world of martech 

“I love solving problems and I’m really inspired by the changing supply and demand in martech,” says Nick. “I think there’s great growth potential for my area of work.” 

Nick is a Marketing Technology Developer at Luxid and he joined the agency as a trainee while he was still studying. In fact he says that graduating while working is his biggest achievement. “Time flies and I’ve now been here for around five years,” says Nick. “The Martech team has been really supportive. If you have questions or problems, there is always someone you can ask for help.”    

Nick says that he loves the variety in his role, one minute working on the look and feel of a landing page and the next overseeing how systems work together. “Right now, I’m managing integrations,” says Nick. “I’m also helping with system tasks, a new email process, and I’m working on a new application.” 

He believes the variety of challenges, and tasks he faces each week, makes Luxid a very different place to work. “I really love the number of projects and different clients that I’ve been involved with,” says Nick. “And there is real diversity in the way that we approach tasks for each client.” 

For Nick, Luxid’s most important value is Transparent: being supportive, inclusive, and totally committed to transparency – both with Luxid people and clients. “I work directly with clients quite a lot, so being sincere is really important, explains Nick. “I learned that being calm and open is crucial. Whenever I communicate with customers, I try to give constructive feedback and am very clear and honest about the work.” 

When asked what makes his heart beat a little faster he says it’s when integrations have errors! But he follows up by saying sugar and coffee. “Eating good food is one of my passions, but I’m not very good at cooking though,” Nick admits.  

Travel is also a passion for Nick, and his favourite holiday destinations so far are Malta and Greece. And Nick has a love of music. He starts to list many artists when asked about this: Eminem, Green Day, Backstreet Boys, Miss Li, DMX, Rocco Hunt…this list goes on.  

And if Nick could make one change in the world? “It would be replacing current products on the supermarket shelves with more green and sustainable ones. It would be nice to make the world a better place for everyone. Or maybe it should be that we have a gym and a sauna room in our office. Just saying.” 

If like Nick, you love working with a great agency team in an environment that’s open, inclusive and of course heaps of fun, then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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