Posted on: 12 10 2023

Exploring the power of words and turning the mundane into the original

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Exploring the power of words and turning the mundane into the original

Jere Hakamäki says that he’s inspired by “all things creative.” This isn’t surprising given that he did an MA in Media Studies at the University of Turku and is now a Concept Designer and Copywriter at Luxid.

However, Jere wasn’t always so focused on the creative side of life. As a kid, he loved Star Wars and wanted to be captain of the Millennium Falcon. And even today, if he could choose to do anything for a day, Jere says it would be to watch Earth from Space.

Jere clearly has a fascination for science and the supernatural. When asked what superhero he would be, Jere says: “Doctor Strange: he saves the day by improvising mind-blowing magic tricks.” And if he could have a superpower? “A/B testing alternate realities to find out what makes a difference in life.”

Back down to earth, Jere says his talent is turning the mundane into something original, and his passion is exploring the power of words. This is clearly good news for Luxid and Jere’s clients. Jere loves having the opportunity at Luxid to make a real impact, and the agency’s value that appeals to him most is ‘Resourceful.’

“What I love about my role at Luxid is that I get to write copy and design creative concepts, says Jere. “I work with campaign planning, nurturing flows, and content strategies. And I get to use logic and imagination equally, which is great.”

When asked ‘why Luxid?’ Jere says: “A front-row seat to the spectacle of modern marketing.” He elaborates: “Luxid is a powerhouse that covers everything you need in modern marketing: strategy, technology, creativity and content, hands-on expertise in digital marketing, data and analytics. We’re not simply a consultant who tells the client what to do; we’re with them every step of the way.”

Away from work, Jere is a fan of nature. He says his favourite holiday destination is a log cabin “away from modern comforts.” And when pressed on what makes his heart beat a little faster, he says: “A 10-kilometer run through the woods - I’m into orienteering”.

All sounds very healthy. But when asked what Jere is ‘currently loving,’ his answer wasn’t the usual piece of sexy tech or trending TV programme. Jere said: “Lemon meringue pie.” Your secret’s safe with us, Jere.

If, like Jere, you are resourceful, love all things creative, and want to make an impact in modern marketing, then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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