Posted on: 11 09 2023

For marketing automation specialist Tommaso, nothing is impossible

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For marketing automation specialist Tommaso, nothing is impossible

Luxid's Tommaso Valentini hails from Florence in Italy. And with all the natural beauty of the Florentine hills that have inspired the likes of Michelangelo, it's not surprising that dramatic landscapes feature heavily in Tommaso's list of likes and loves.

In fact, when interviewed by Luxid, Tommaso said mountains are his favourite holiday destination and that mountain biking is his current passion, what he is currently loving, the thing that makes his heart beat a little faster, and the thing he would do for a day if he could choose anything! Electronic music and photography were also thrown into the list, which seems appropriate for the overall experience.

Tommaso is now enjoying the sights and sounds of Turku, where he is a Marketing Automation Specialist at Luxid. He's been with the agency for the past five years, saying that Luxid has really taken care of him and allowed him to shine at his best.

As a technology specialist, Tommaso plays a critical role at Luxid, and he really loves what he does. "Being a marketing automation specialist is all about finding solutions to build original journeys, making the most out of the chosen platform," says Tommaso. "Every time you build a journey, you must consider each platform's limitations and functionalities. These 'limitations' make the job interesting and motivate me to find the best solutions."

Currently, Tommaso is working as a Digital Analytics Lead at HMD Global, where he supports the global marketing team, providing all the insights on e-commerce performance and user behaviour. He also focused on restructuring all the IT infrastructure at Luxid to ensure the agency uses all the tools and technology in the best ways.

When pressed on whether he has a special talent, Tommaso describes a simple skill with a significant impact: "I break big problems into small tasks that can be actionable. The result makes nothing impossible!"

Somewhat modestly, Tommaso says his proudest accomplishment is having a happy team that knows he will always have their back. This is clearly very important as "we've got your back" is the Luxid value he most relates to.

And looking out for others is something that's very much on Tommaso's mind when he is asked what superpower he would most like to have: "It would be beautiful to have the possibility of 'cleaning the minds' of people that have suffered horrible traumas so that they could have their lives back and believe in kindness again."

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