Posted on: 31 07 2023

It's life in the creative fast lane for Jon at Luxid

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It’s life in the creative fast lane for Jon at Luxid

Creative thinking is key to solving marketing challenges and is at the heart of Luxid's work for clients. This is one of the things that attracted Jon Zubizarreta to work at Luxid

"I love problem-solving, and I'm good at turning things around when a solution is needed, says Jon. "I wanted to join like-minded people and work somewhere where I could really use my skills and continue to learn." 

Working within Luxid's Creative Excellence solution as a Designer and Motion Graphics Artist, Jon is doing just that. He's working in a cutting-edge area of creative marketing, using visual storytelling to engage audiences and drive business results for clients.  

As a creative problem-solver, Jon is inspired by some of the greats of art and design. First up is Dieter Rams, who reinvented product design at Braun with his simple, modern solutions to everyday needs. And Jon is a fan of Max Bill, an iconic industrial designer, architect, artist, and famous for his typefaces. He also admires Vincent Van Gogh and Gerd Leufert

All of Jon's heroes found success by being driven and resourceful. And these are the two of Luxid's values that Jon most relates to and admires. Being driven certainly helped him through his college studies in graphic design.  

And Jon isn't afraid to step out of his comfort zone. "What really motivates me is those projects where I'm out of my depth…it makes me swim a little harder…but I know when to ask for a life jacket!" And let's hope he also knows when to wear a crash helmet, as he says that driving a fast car around Nürburgring is what Jon would most like to do if he could do anything for one day.  

Not surprisingly, as a motion graphics artist, Jon likes to stay on top of the latest tools and tech. He's currently loving Redshift, Stable Diffusion, and Cinema 4D. Those in the know will be impressed (those who aren't will need to Google first).  

And Jon's love of tech extends to his choice of superhero, Ironman. "I like the fact that Tony Stark is just a human being, but his capabilities are enhanced by technological developments," says Jon. "Who knows if we'll have armour suits like those designed by Stark Industries in the future!" 

Born in Cabimas, Venezuela, Jon says his proudest achievement is being able to say that his oldest daughter is fluent in English and Spanish (the little one is still learning to talk). And Jon's favourite holiday destination is the Spanish island of Mallorca, which has stunning landscapes. Jon is a big fan of the great outdoors and likes nothing more than a good hour-long bike ride to get his heart beating a little faster.  

Like Jon, you enjoy life in the fast lane (and sometimes the slower lanes) and want to put your creative talents through their paces, so why not join the team at Luxid?  


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