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Life at Luxid is music to the ears of Ellie Raeburn

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Luxid’s Ellie Raeburn has an enthusiasm for many things, and music is right up there. She’s currently developing her song writing and working on her musical skills. “I’ve always had a keen interest in music and have played multiple instruments in my time,” says Ellie. “But I’ve just taken up guitar and singing lessons to develop my skills, which will hopefully benefit my song writing.”  

Ellie wrote and performed a song for her brother’s 30th birthday, and says it was one her proudest moments. “It meant so much to my brother, and he was so appreciative that it made the stage fright worth it!” 

Her favourite artist is Yuken Teruya and she loves the music of Noah Kahan and Zach Bryan, particularly for their poetic lyrics and musical vibe. And Ellie has lots of praise for Taylor Swift, saying she comes across as being very relatable and on their side of her fans. “I think everything that’s she’s achieved, her adaptability and the glass ceilings she’s smashed through is really inspiring.” 

And Ellie is as enthusiastic about her work at Luxid as she is about music. “From my first phone call with Luxid I just got the gut feeling that this job and company was exactly what I was looking for,” says Ellie. “Luxid is truly like family – it’s a network of colleagues that support each other, learn from each other, help each other grow and work seamlessly as a team.” 

Ellie is Project Manager working primarily on the Dell Technologies account. She loves that her job enables her to build relationships both with the Luxid team and with the clients. “I find it really satisfying to see a project go from briefing through to completion, and to receive really positive feedback from the clients when we have produced assets that are even better than what they imagined.” 

The Luxid values that Ellie relates to most are: Dynamic, Progressive and Supportive. “I like to approach problems headfirst and expand my skillset constantly by looking for new ways to improve the output of my projects. “ Ellie explains. “I’m a big team player and like to share in people success and support them to achieve the best they can.” 

When she’s not giving it her all at work or indulging her love of music, Ellie says she’s passionate about the changing seasons. “I get so much joy from appreciating and jumping straight into seasonal food, flavours, activities, and decorations,” enthuses Ellie. “I love having seasonal hobbies that become my passion for a few months before I switch”.  

As a child, Ellie dreamed of being a veterinarian. “I’ve always really connected with animals and had a love for anything furry – big or small.” Her favourite animal is a Golden Retriever. And, so it’s fitting that when asked about one thing she would change in the world that she considers big issues such as climate change, but opts for something a little lighter and closer to her heart: “I would see to it that all pet lifeforces are linked with their owners, so neither a pet nor an owner have to go through the heartbreak of losing the other.”    

If like Ellie, you have boundless enthusiasm and love working in a team to drive results then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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