Posted on: 20 11 2023

Taking on challenges in sports, games, and at work

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Jani Aaltonen - Taking on challenges in sports, games, and at work

Jani Aaltonen is something of a competitor who’s into his sports. As a kid, he dreamed of being a professional footballer, and when asked what he’s ‘currently loving’ he says: “Games! Video games and sports.”

He says that competing in games is the thing that makes his heart beat just that little bit faster, and if he could do anything for a day, it would be crammed with sports and games. “First high-stakes poker with the best,” says Jani. “Followed by wrestling with Conan O’Brien, then sky-diving, then a lavish dinner with exquisite company and good wine, ending with a relaxing evening at the hotel and pool.”

Exciting, but sounds like quite a challenging day. But Jani clearly likes a challenge. It’s why he works at Luxid: “The work I get to do here is challenging, and there seems to be no limit to the things I could learn. And I get to work with good, smart people.”

Jani works in the Digital Experience solution at Luxid and is a Senior Marketing Technology Consultant. He says he loves the freedom to work in the way he wants to work, and the job brings out the best in him: quickly seeing how things are connected and being able to understand and interpret complex scenarios.

“Right now, I’m working on a few exciting projects,” Jani enthuses. “Ranging from the very first steps of marketing automation set-ups to finalizing advanced full customer journey reporting capabilities.”

“At Luxid, I have been able to carve my path and job role. Starting from simple web development and currently working as a Marketing Technology Consultant with quite complex set-ups.”

Jani says that the Luxid value he most relates to is Sincerity: “I value the support and transparency we have internally and externally in many situations. I sincerely want to work with our customers and together get the best results.”

Outside of work, Jani says he enjoys watching his kids grow up. “It’s cheesy, but my kids are my proudest accomplishment – I just love seeing what smart and kind creatures I have helped to raise.”

Jani says that he doesn’t take life too seriously and points to the importance of humour: “The goofier, the better.” This is kind of reflected in his choice of a favourite artist, Jack Black, and his favourite animal, a sloth!

And if Jani could change one thing in the world? “I would end the focus on dumb things. Why war and violence? Or why sacrifice others to gain ridiculous profits yourself? Why do we need so much stuff for just the sake of stuff? Dumb.”

Sounds like sensible thinking, Jani.

If, like Jani, you love challenges, solving problems, and appreciate the lighter side of life, then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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