Posted on: 18 01 2024

Sky-high dreams and data-driven realities

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Oskar Sjöman likes to take on challenges

Luxid’s Oskar Sjöman likes to take on challenges. As a child he wanted to be a pilot, and he still dreams of taking charge of a plane. “If I could I choose to do anything for a day, it would be to fly a plane,” says Oskar. “I think that would be so cool.” 

Back down to earth, Oskar loves solving problems for clients: “Interesting and challenging tasks are what really motivate me to work hard,” says Oskar. And as member of the Data & Performance team at Luxid, he is ready for whatever complex assignments he is given, saying that adaptability is his superpower.  

“I work as a Data Scientist which means I usually help customers solve challenges with their data as well as showing them how data can be used to gain valuable insights,” explains Oskar “Helping customers navigate their own data by using the right tools, the right way, makes my role very satisfying as the customers really value our help.” 

Oskar is currently helping one of the largest retail companies in Finland to develop their business intelligence environment as well as using analytics tasks to enable them to unlock powerful insights for growth.   

Working at Luxid gives Oskar the opportunity to be part of a diverse and talented community and the chance to adapt to new and interesting concepts – bringing new challenges each day. 

I feel like there is no place like Luxid to learn and grow as a professional,” enthuses Oskar. “We have amazing people with a wide range of backgrounds and talents. You learn a lot and you learn fast. I would not have it any other way. 

Outside of Luxid - like many of his co-workers - Oskar loves nature and wildlife. Not surprising his favourite holiday destination is his cabin, and he is passionate about safeguarding our environment. “If I could make one change in the world, it would be to stop global warming. We really don’t want to see the impact of escalating temperatures.” 

And Oskar clearly wants to maintain a healthy planet for his young daughter, who he describes as his proudest accomplishment. “My greatest happiness right now is my partner and our newly born daughter. And not to forget our beloved little dwarf dachshund as well.” 

Humour is important to Oskar and says that stars of movie The Hangover stars Ken Jeong and Zach Galifianakis make him laugh the most. And, despite his love of challenges and dreaming of high flying, its coffee makes that makes Oskar’s heart beat just that little bit faster.  

If Oskar's passion for data, problem-solving, and a touch of humor resonates with you, then Luxid could be just the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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