Posted on: 06 11 2023

Technology, humour, and adrenaline-fuelled pitches

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Meet Henrik Lagercrantz - Technology, humour, and adrenaline-fuelled pitches

Technology features large in Henrik Lagercrantz's life. He has a Master's in Information Technology, and his reason for going to university was to get to work with computers. And what is he loving at the moment? "Following the yield curve of my solar panels and optimizing household electricity consumption based on spot-priced electricity," says Henrik proudly.

Not surprisingly, Henrik puts his love of all things tech to excellent use at Luxid. "I have many roles in Luxid," says Henrik. "I'm Head of Sales & Marketing Technologies, contributor in Business Development and Sales, Management Team member, Information Security Officer, Account Director and MarTech Strategy Consultant." Impressive stuff.

Henrik's driving motivation is to see Luxid grow and to work with mission-driven clients. "Pitching to new clients makes my heart beat faster. It's where so much comes together - strategic and consulting skills in planning the proposal, verbal and communication skills, emotional intelligence skills to create an atmosphere of interest and trust, and then thinking on the spot to answer the varied questions."

His proudest moment is pitching in Silicon Valley several years ago when the agency won a multi-million-dollar account: "I knew my spiel by heart, so was able to deliver a solid performance, though I probably had a pulse of 140+ throughout the two-hour session."

Working at Luxid gives Henrik a vehicle to express his entrepreneurial side, and he says he feels like a true partner in the business. "There is so much freedom to develop things and take ownership of initiatives at Luxid, regardless of the position one has. This fosters a sense of 'if I have a vision and there is a change, I want to see it happen, I have the option to drive that vision forward," says Henrik.

Henrik is clear that Luxid is different from other agencies: "Luxid has an extensive service offering – that's really surprising for an agency of our size." He says the agency's value he most relates to is 'resourceful' as it's where the creativity and daring attitude live across all roles.

But all this work talk makes Henrik seem like an overly serious chap. But that's clearly not the case. Henrik believes his superpower is finding humour in almost everything and applying it generously across the business. Lucky co-workers!

"I tend to try to make others laugh and then surf on the waves of their reactions," claims Henrik. "But surely stand-up comedy is close to my heart, and I enjoy Dave Chappelle's insightful takes on phenomena."

Outside of Luxid, Henrik likes the simple pleasures in life and being at one with nature. He says he aims to have five sauna sessions a week – each one being 30 to 40 minutes of interrupted heat exposure, followed by at least five minutes of cold showering afterward.

"If I could choose to do anything for one day, I would spend it with friends," says Henrik. "Good food and wine, nature (perhaps at a cottage by the water), sauna, swimming, and deep discussions on the bigger questions in life. It doesn't get better than that." I think we'd all agree with you.

If, like Henrik, you have a passion for technology, or if you simply like working in a creative environment where you can succeed, then Luxid could be the place for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.


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