Posted on: 25 09 2023

Tiina Haapanen: From high jump to high flying

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Tiina Haapanen: From high jump to high flying

Tiina Haapanen is a very driven individual. Much of this comes from her success as an athlete. She has represented Finland in the high jump, and growing up, she was the best national high jumper in her age category for several years running. 
"I'm very resilient," says Tiina. "My background as a competing athlete and other experiences in life have given me a good capacity to adapt and adjust to different situations. As they say, when life gives you lemons, it's best to make a good lemonade!" 
Tiina's success and passion for athletics saw her work in various roles for Suomen Urheiluliitto - Finnish Athletics – for six years. But she studied Marketing at university, and her role at Luxid is Digital Marketing Manager. "I really love having the opportunity to develop my skills in marketing, working on interesting projects, and with the help of great colleagues." 
Tiina is currently working on a global product launch for a manufacturing client and also on pilot campaigns into the Nordic markets for finance clients. 
Not surprisingly, the Luxid value that most appeals to Tiina is 'driven.' "Luxid aims high and is doing great work at the forefront of the fast-developing MarTech industry. My personality is very much 'doer,' so Luxid's approach really matches my way of working well."
As a doer, Tiina's passion in life is to 'keep moving.' "Having been sporty since childhood, nothing compares with long walks in the forest with my dog or simply working up a good sweat at the gym."
Like many of her colleagues, Tiina loves nothing more than being outside in nature, particularly in the Spring when nature starts to flourish. "If I could choose to do anything for a day, it would be to spend the time quietly at the summer cottage, do nothing -  just enjoying sauna and silence."
Tiina's love of the outdoors extends to her desire to travel and see the world. She loves to be in warm climates, and Italy is her favourite country: "My favourite city destination is Rome – I always go back there."
"If I could have a superpower, I would love to be able to fly," says Tiina. "There are so many places to see and travel. So flying myself could be a sustainable and efficient way to see the world."
And when she's not dreaming of flying, Tiina loves spending time laughing and relaxing with friends. "I feel like I'm 10 years younger after a night out with the girls. Laughing and a few glasses of wine is a perfect combination". 

If like Tiina, you are a resilient, resourceful doer who wants to make a difference in digital marketing, then Luxid could be just the company for you. Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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