Posted on: 26 10 2023

Turning a love of science and technology into a winning role at Luxid

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Turning a love of science and technology into a winning role at Luxid

Mikael Björkqvist is a big fan of science and science fiction. When we spoke to him about his life and career, it came through loud and clear. “I’m inspired by all things science and sci-fi – anything with space and galactic proportions, and I’m set,” says Mikael.

And this love started early. As a kid, Mikael dreamed of being an astronaut (and also a Lego master builder). His dream holiday would be somewhere with zero gravity (although Portugal might just suffice). Right now, he’s loving LAN parties with his family (for the uninitiated, that’s a social/gaming gathering where everybody is connected on a local area network). Still, if he could do anything for a day, it would be to watch Earth from Space.

So, we guess it’s no wonder that the young space and science enthusiast went on to study Information Technology, specialising in software and game development. “I love to solve problems and figure out how stuff works or should work,” says Mikael. “I’m also able to translate tech jargon and complex subjects for anyone.”

Luxid is now benefitting from Mikael’s skills and tech experience. He’s a Data Strategy Consultant and a team lead. “As my journey here has been a bit unorthodox, I appreciate that Luxid hired me, trusts, and challenges me,” says Mikael. “I feel that I matter, and if I see an opportunity, I’m allowed to pursue it. People here are not just super professionals, but super nice too.”

Mikael says that figuring out analytics solutions is naturally close to his heart, and having a ‘dream team’ of data professionals really makes his role easier and more enjoyable. “Team first, always’ is a motto I’ve lived by,” says Mikael. “For me, winning and success means that everybody gets bread on the table and the team grows.”

Sincere and Driven are the Luxid values that Mikael relates to the most. “Honesty, transparency, open-mindedness, and a genuine willingness to help others are how we do things at Luxid, and it fits my personality like a glove,” Mikael explains.

He says that Luxid ‘walks the talk,’ and he loves the fact that Luxid is always looking to do something new and bold and that this is shared with and involves all the people at the agency. Mikael loves the winning spirit both in his team and at Luxid. And it’s what makes his heart beat a little faster when he’s gaming and playing contact sports.

And when asked if he could change one thing in the world, he gives the question some of his analytical thinking. He decides that it needs adapting: “I’m going to break the rules here and make two changes: Firstly, I would enable everybody to have a quality education. I truly believe this would solve most of the problems we face in the world. And, second, I would crank up the empathy setting for people who lack it.”

If, like Mikael, you’re techy with great analytical powers and want to apply your skills to solving marketing challenges, then Luxid could be just the place for you. 

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