Posted on: 14 08 2023

Why having the courage to follow your dreams is so important for Niina

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Luxid Customer Lead Niina Sariola

Some of the most successful people in business are those that have been bold and taken risks. This is something that Luxid’s Customer Lead, Niina Sariola, really admires. “I’m really impressed by people who have had the courage to follow their dreams and make brave decisions in their lives,” says Niina.

And it’s been a focus on bravery that has helped shape Niina’s destiny. The number one thing in her life is her daughter, and Niina is certain that having her daughter is her proudest achievement: “In my late 30s, I decided to have a child on my own. It was a huge decision and a jump into the unknown. But I think so far, I’ve managed it quite well!”

But Niina hasn’t always just jumped into the unknown. In fact, it was an early judgement call that saw her change course from medicine to business. “I’d taken all the maths, physics, and chemistry courses in high school, preparing for med school. But then I had a total change of mind and went to business school. I had to be honest with myself - I was just too afraid of the pathology and autopsy course!”

And Luxid is very much the beneficiary of Niina’s career reality check. She thoroughly enjoys life at Luxid, saying the agency is the perfect mix of creativity, analytics, and technological expertise: “I really feel that here I can trust all my team members. We all work for the same goal – serving our customers the best possible way.”

One of the aspects of her job that Niina says she enjoys the most is helping clients to utilize their data and knowledge to best serve their end customers. Niina’s job requires her to have an excellent understanding of all her client’s challenges and how those can be met by Luxid’s many solutions. This makes her role both varied and dynamic. Luckily, Niina says her superpower is multitasking: “I’m very focused on handling multiple tasks and projects simultaneously – keeping everything tied together.”

For Niina, the Luxid’s value that appeals the most is Trailblazing. She believes staying one step ahead of the market is crucial to deliver the best strategy and work for clients: “Improving the customer’s business with measurable results really motivates me.”

And when Niina wants to take a break from her fast-paced lifestyle, like many colleagues, she turns to nature and well-being. “I love the beautiful scenery by the sea, particularly spending days and nights with good friends and loved ones. I also try to take time for exercise and body as usually there’s too little time for that.”
And if she was stranded on a desert island, Niina is very clear on which three items she would take with her: “Sun lotion, a book, and a phone to call a taxi boat. Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it - can I go now?”

If you’re a smart, goal-driven, multitasker, like Niina, then maybe Luxid’s the place where you too can follow your dreams? Everything you need to know about working for Luxid is here.

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